10 Things You Should Know Before Getting WordPress Hosting

1. Know what is WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that is developed to host WordPress websites. Websites that are not built with WordPress are not able to host using a WordPress host.

Think of it like how a pair of running shoes is developed specifically for running.

2. Know what is your budget

Before you dive in to search for a WordPress hosting provider, calculate how much are you willing to spend on an annual basis. This is because of two reasons.

Reason number 1 – There is a WordPress hosting provider for every type of budget. If you have a low budget, there is a WordPress hosting provider that has a low price. If you have a medium budget, there is a WordPress hosting provider with a medium price. And it goes on and on.

Reason number 2 – Most WordPress hosting provider tends to charge on an annual basis. So, it’s best for you to prepare for the amount in advance.

3. Know how many visitors are you expecting

WordPress hosting providers usually offer three different WordPress hosting plans. Some offer more than three plans.

Each plan is engineered to withstand a certain number of visitors. By knowing how many visitors are you expecting for your WordPress website, you will be able to make a much wise decision when it comes to choosing the plan.

4. Know how much storage space your WordPress website needs

Some WordPress hosting providers offer 10GB of storage space, some offer 50GB of storage space and there are some that offer 200GB of storage space. There are even some that offers unlimited storage space.

5. Know where your visitors are from

If your visitors are from Asia, the WordPress hosting provider that you are looking for should have a data center located in Asia. This is to ensure that your WordPress website loads at a tremendous speed.

However, not all WordPress hosting provider has a data center spread around the world uniformly. Some WordPress hosting providers only have a data center in the U.S. and some only have a data center in Europe.

So, it’s best to take your time and find a WordPress hosting provider with a data center location the same as the visitors of your WordPress website.

6. Know the essential features that should be provided by a WordPress hosting provider

A WordPress website can be quite demanding in terms of features. But of course, it really depends on what the WordPress website is for. The more advanced the WordPress website is, the more features it needs.

But, there are certain features that are essential for the beginning stages of a WordPress website. And these features should be provided by the WordPress hosting provider at zero cost. The following are the list of essential features:

  • Professional email service
  • SSL certificate
  • Automatic WordPress core update
  • WordPress staging environment
  • Daily backup
  • Security

7. Know the quality of the customer service

The quality of the customer service should be outstanding. In other words, it should be quick, it should be available 24/7/365, it should be available in many forms such as live chat, email and phone, and the staff should be friendly.

One way to find out the quality of the customer service is a simple Google search on the WordPress hosting provider’s customer service and see what existing customers of the WordPress hosting provider have to say about the customer service.

Another way is to try out the customer service by yourself.

8. Know that the WordPress hosting provider is reputable

There are literally hundreds of WordPress hosting providers out there. Some are new and some have been there for more than a decade. But, not all of them are fit for the job.

So, it’s always best to research the WordPress hosting providers thoroughly. Find out where their HQ is located, find out what existing customers have to say about them in Google search or any other search engines, find out about their history, find out their achievements, and find out anything else that clears the doubt.

9. Know the uptime

The uptime is the time during which the WordPress hosting is in operation. If the WordPress hosting has a 100% uptime, that means that the WordPress website will always be live on the internet. If the WordPress hosting has a 95% uptime, that means that 5% of the time, the WordPress website will go offline due to the technical difficulties that is faced by the WordPress hosting provider.

In other words, 100% uptime is what you should look for.

10. Know that the WordPress hosting provider has money back guarantee

This is also something that some WordPress hosting providers tend to miss out on purpose. But, most WordPress hosting providers that are reputable will state it clearly that they do offer money back guarantee.

It’s always best to go for a WordPress hosting provider which has a high money back guarantee period. Preferably, 30 – 90 days. It’s sort of like a Get Out Of Jail Free Card in case you don’t find the WordPress hosting provider to be fair.