11 Best WordPress themes to share cooking tips, recipes and how-to

Recipes. When we were young, we thought it was something that only old people read. But as we get older and placed into university/college, we found that recipes are more than just what old people read. And these recipes will also be the saviour of the day if it’s 2am, no restaurants open and only a bunch of ingredients available in the kitchen.

In other words, recipes are important as much as survival is important.

If you are planning to have recipes establishment online, you are like a superhero to us because people like you make our plain meal a worthy meal.

So here are 11 WordPress themes that will bring all your recipes together perfectly.

#1 CookingPress

#2 The Kitchen Table

#3 Chow

#4 Basil Recipes

#5 Recipe

#6 Food Recipes

#7 Food & Cook

#8 Gustos

#9 Recipes

#10 Talisa

#11 SocialChef