2 plugins that allows you to accept Bitcoin payment in your WooCommerce store

Bitcoin is the currency for the internet or can be said as a new form of money.

But as new and suspicious as it sounds, many online customers nowadays are switching to this currency. Here’s why:

Bitcoin transfer fees are affordable – A normal Bitcoin transfer fee is 0.0005 BTC per transfer compared to an international wire transfer fee which could cost you up to $39 per transfer.

It’s fast – Bitcoin transactions can be completed and confirmed in less than few hours whereas international wire transfer could take up to few weeks.

Transactions are irreversible – Bitcoin is the only payment method that exists which is 100% irreversible and cannot be charged back.

No paperwork and no trace – Literally anyone can accept or transfer Bitcoins. It doesn’t matter what your age is and where you are from.

Bitcoin value appreciates – At the moment of writing, 1 Bitcoin equals to $3,727. A year ago, the price of 1 Bitcoin is at $1,000.

Considering the fact that many online customers nowadays are using Bitcoin and there are many benefits to it, you should take advantage of it if you have an online store.

And if you have an online store created with WooCommerce, then the following two plugins will allow you to accept Bitcoin payments easily.

#1 Bitcoin for WooCommerce

#2 WooCommerce Bitcoin Payments