2 Most Suitable WordPress Themes For A Viral Website

What are the features that should exist in a viral website?

When it comes to viral website, there are features that are compulsory to have in order for the website to look and function like a proper viral website. But what are the features?

Well, here we list it down for you:

  1. Polls & quizzes – This is to ensure that some of the contents that you create are able to be engaged by your readers
  2. Proper sharing tools – This is to ensure that your readers can easily share your contents
  3. Proper advertisement slots – When it comes to viral contents, advertisement is the only way for you to monetise your entire site so it is best to have the right features and strategic ad placements in order for you to monetise your viral website to it’s full potential
  4. View counters – Having view counters on your viral contents will increase the hype of the contents and hence making it more viral
  5. Front-end submission – Having proper front-end submission will allow your readers to submit new contents to your website which adds value to your site and also more visitors

Based on the above said, if your viral website does not have those features, then you are doing it wrong.

On the other hand, if you are planning on creating a viral website using WordPress, then you are in luck as the following WordPress themes comes equipped with the said features above. And by having any of the following WordPress theme activated for your WordPress website, all that is left for you to do is focus on creating viral contents.


Bimber comes with 11 different demo layouts and it can be said as the most complete viral WordPress theme at the moment. On top of the features, the design and colours do blend in very well to it’s features which makes the whole site looks interactive and engaging.


Bimber and Bunchy are from the same WordPress theme developers (bringthepixel), however, although more WordPress website owners tend to purchase Bimber as their preferred viral WordPress theme, Brunchy seems to be a perfect fit for a viral website as well. It has a slightly different design compared to Bimber and on the other hand it comes with an additional feature called Open List which allows readers to submit new contents to already published posts and also allow them to vote for the best submission (similar to how boredpanda.com and ebaumsworld.com work).