3 WordPress Plugins Made For The Gutenberg Editor

For me, the Gutenberg Editor is a good replacement for the Classic Editor. This is because it looks more modern, adding contents is more neat and tidy, and most importantly, it helps improve the way a writer writes with WordPress.

Can it be made better though?

If you have the similar question buzzing in your mind, then, you will not regret reading this article.

This is because I have found three WordPress plugins which extend Gutenberg Editor’s capabilities. It extends in a way that it gives you more block options.


Stackable adds 22 more blocks to Gutenberg Editor. The blocks not only give you the capabilities to build awesome posts and pages but also awesome front pages and landing pages.

For example, there is the Pricing Box Block which allows you to add pricing tables. There is a Team Members Block which allows you to display the team members.

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks is quite similar to Stackable. However, it adds lesser block options.

To be precise, it only adds 11 more blocks.

But I think you should have both of the plugins installed in WordPress. This is because there are some blocks that exist with Atomic Blocks which Stackable don’t have. For example, Atomic Blocks has a Share Icons Block which allows you to easily display social sharing icons anywhere in a post or page.

Both plugins sort of work together like bread and butter.

Advanced Gutenberg

Advanced Gutenberg, on the other hand, adds 18 more blocks which are more block options compared to Atomic Blocks. It also has some pretty useful blocks such as a more advanced table block compared to the existing table block in Gutenberg, it has an Accordion Block which allows you to display accordion content and, 16 other useful blocks.

What’s more interesting is that this plugin has a configuration area which allows you to disable the usage of certain blocks. For example, if you don’t want the Image Block, you can disable it from the configuration area.

Having all three plugins installed will give you more blocks to use and also gives you a better grip on the Gutenberg Editor.

They sort of work together like bread, butter and sugar.