3 WordPress Themes That Are Created Especially For Automotive News, Blogs And/Or Reviews

The automotive industry has came a long way. If you would like to understand how long the way the automotive industry has made, you should watch the whole Top Gear series from season 1 up till season 24 (as of writing).

On the other hand, if you are already an automotive enthusiast and would like to start off with your own automotive news website, automotive blog or automotive review website with WordPress, then you are in the right place. Why you are in the right place? This is simply because our content specialist have handpicked 3 of the best WordPress themes that will perfectly fit an automotive news, automotive blog and/or automotive reviews website.

Car News

This is our first pick for an automotive content website as it is created solely for an automotive news, blog and reviews website. In terms of design, it has a modern grid design and the colour contrast (black, red, grey and white) seems to fit the automotive landscape very well.

Jannah News

Jannah News is a multipurpose theme that allows you to create a recipes website, photography website, sports news website and of course automotive content website. Unlike Car News, Jannah News’ version of automotive theme comes with a dark background and in terms of colours, they have used black and red as well but without the shades of grey and white.

Based on the above said, if you are interested in a dark theme with a dynamic look for your automotive website, then this is it.


Newspaper is one of the most sold WordPress themes out there. But then again, if you think that this theme has too many users, then you are wrong. This is because, many users who use this theme use it for purposes other than automotive, for example, a news website, a magazine website, a lifestyle website and etc. In other words, only a handful of them use this theme to power an automotive news, blog and reviews website.

In terms of design, this theme comes with a more simple colour mixture and layout. And if that’s what you are into, go ahead and put this under your consideration list.