Here Are 5 Types Of Fashion Blog WordPress Themes Perfect For A Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogs are not common but in reality there is a huge demand for fashion blogs. According to Google’s search index, fashion is the 2nd largest blog category after music.

In other words, if you are planning on getting yourself into the fashion blog industry by creating your own fashion blog, then you are walking into a gold mine. But of course you will need to work hard in order to make the fashion blog that you created profitable.

On the other hand, if you have chosen WordPress as your fashion blogging platform, then you should check out the following WordPress themes as they are premium WordPress themes and they are designed with fashion bloggers in mind.


Applique comes with 14 different layouts for you to choose from and they all cater for different types of taste. Or to be more precise, you can select the design and layout that pleases you the most. But in terms of overall look, this theme can be concluded as having a classical look based on it’s slider placement, fonts, widgets, mouse hover effect and colour usage.

Untold Stories

Untold Stories have the similar colour usage compared to Applique above. However, this theme cannot be defined as having a classical look as we think ‘hipsterish’ + minimalist are the right words to use for this theme’s design. And if those words work for you, then you have found yourself THE fashion blog theme.


Falive comes with two different kinds of design layouts. One for a personal fashion blog and the other one is suitable for a magazine style fashion blog. So you can choose either one that you prefer. In terms of design, the types of widgets, colour usage and etc, this theme has a more interactive look which in our opinion is more suitable for lifestyle + fashion blog.


Mode is simple, straight-forward and old school. Old school meaning that if you look at this theme you will get the idea that the fashion material here go way back to the 60s. In other words, if your fashion blog is more focused to the olden yet golden days fashion, then Mode is the theme that you are looking for.


This theme comes with 6 different homepage layouts for you to choose from and the thing that is common between all 6 of them is that they all have similar colour contrast, post layout and navigation design (the navigation design is unique). In an overall perspective, if modern and elegant is what you are looking for, then Allure is your best bet.