6 Types of hosting for WordPress website that you should know

#1 Free WordPress Hosting

Free WordPress hosting are normally offered in online forums by individuals. In other words, this type of hosting is not commercialised (not a hosting company).

There is a catch when it comes to this kind of hosting. The owner of the server will usually request you to place a text link or a banner on your WordPress website.

The disadvantage of this type of hosting is that you’ll never know when this person will stop offering you the free service which can leave you with no hosting without any prior notice.

#2 Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is pretty new in the market. It consists of many individual servers which are connected to each other, which makes it one giant server.

So if your website is hosting on a cloud hosting, it is basically relying on many servers that work together. And if one of the servers goes malfunction, there will be another server that will take it’s place to continue the workflow which means that it is impossible for your website to have downtime.

#3 Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is basically a type of hosting that is created specifically for WordPress websites.

All the technical bits of running a WordPress website is managed by the WordPress host (hence the name Managed WordPress Hosting). This includes the security, daily backups, uptime, WordPress support and WordPress updates.

#4 Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a common hosting among website owners. It simply means a server (computer) that is shared with many websites. A shared hosting can handle up to 100,000 visitors per month (depending on the hosting plan) which is suitable for small business and individual websites.

#5 VPS – Virtual Private Server

This can be considered as a shared server but its more private and more expensive too. More private meaning not many customers will be sharing the same server with you and you will also be given a portion of all server resources. For example, you will be given 10 percent of the RAM, 10 percent of the available hard drive space, 10 percent of the processor capability and such.

#6 Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting that is made of a single server (computer). This server is only focused to serve one/single website. In other words, rather than sharing bandwidth, storage and RAM with other websites like shared hosting, you get all the servers resources for your website alone. As a result, the website that is hosted on a dedicated host is able to load fast and handle a significant amount of traffic with no errors (more than 100,000 visitors per month).