8 Premium plugins to add to your WooCommerce online store

WooCommerce have made it easy for anyone to create and operate an online store. And WooCommerce plugins have made it easier to add additional features to an online store.

It’s no wonder 37 percent of all e-commerce sites on the internet are made using WooCommerce.

If you have an online store created using WooCommerce and looking forward to pimp it up with some interesting and useful features, here are 8 plugins that will get the job done.

#1 WooCommerce PDF Invoice

This plugin allows you to send PDF invoice to your customers automatically as it gets attached to standard WooCommerce emails. It also detects the currency that your WooCommerce store uses.

Here’s an example:

#2 WooCommerce Currency Switcher

This plugin allows your customers to switch product prices and get their rates converted in the real time.

Here’s an example:

#3 Email Customiser for WooCommerce

By default, WooCommerce emails are plain in terms of design.

If you are looking to add some design, colours, header & footer format, links to your social network and more, then this plugin will allow you to do so with ease.

Here’s an example:


At the moment, when your customers are searching for products in your WooCommerce store, they are not allowed to filter the search results which is not convenient. With this plugin, your customers can filter the search by categories, custom products attributes, tags, custom taxonomies and price.

Here’s an example:

#5 WooCommerce Product Filter

This is another product filtering plugin for WooCommerce. It allows you to filter price, ordering, categories, attribute, taxonomy, stock, sale, ratings, range and meta key.

Here’s an example:

#6 WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

If shipping rate is a concern when it comes your online store, then this advanced shipping plugin will eliminate your anxiety. With this plugin, you can create your own shipping rates based on your own conditions. For example, you can use weight, volume, country and state to set your shipping rates.

Here’s an example:

#7 WooCommerce Extra Product

This is a must have plugin if you have a many products to push in your WooCommerce online store. This is because this plugin allows you to add conditional logics to your forms and pricing options.

Here’s an example:

#8 WooCommerce Membership

This plugin allows you to sell online memberships with your WooCommerce online store and restrict access to posts and pages on your website.

Here’s an example: