9 Things You Should Know About Savoy WooCommerce Theme

Savoy, a premium WooCommerce theme which you should acknowledge it’s existence if you ever find yourself looking for a new and up to date WooCommerce theme.

Here’s why.

1. It’s only priced at $59

Price is usually the main concern for anyone looking to purchase a WooCommerce theme. But when it’s priced at only $59, it should no longer be a concern.

2. It won a competition

Envato helds a competition every year called Envato’s Most Wanted. It’s basically a competition where the team behind Envato give theme developers the opportunity to win extra cash and prizes for creating themes that’s high in demand.

And guess what!? Savoy is one of the theme that won the competition.

Or in other words, Savoy is a type of WooCommerce theme that is highly demanded by WooCommerce theme seekers like you. But why?

Read on my friend.

3. It has a modern minimalist design

There is nothing overdone with this theme in terms of design. Very minimal, very modern.

Clean and neat is another way to put it.

4. The features are not overwhelming

Have you come across a WooCommerce theme that is packed with features that you don’t need? Well, this one is exactly the other way round.

In other words, every single feature made available with it is needed for you to operate your WooCommerce store in absolute peace of mind.

Here are some of the features which caught my attention:

Multiple header options

There are seven header options for you to choose from. Centred header, header with product search, transparent header, floating (sticky) header and a few more.

An adjustable single product page

It allows you to swap the standard product description section with an extended version.

It has a scroll gallery feature which allows you to replace the standard product gallery with a scroll gallery.

And you can even choose to have a custom background.

5. It has lazy loading implanted

If you understand web performance, you would know that images are one of the main factors to reduce the performance of a website. Which is why lazy loading feature is introduced. It delays the loading of images so that other aspects of a website can load first. The images were only loaded when is needed. Here’s a GIF that explains lazy loading in the best possible way:

Savoy has this feature out of the box.

This means that you can expect a good performance with your WooCommerce store even if you have high quality product images uploaded.

6. Easy to set up

This theme has an installation wizard which allows you to easily set it up for your WooCommerce store. On top of that, it also has the classic one click demo import feature in case you want to import the demo content and settings of the theme to understand how it works.

7. Theme panel

It’s not a theme if it does not have a theme panel. Fortunately, Savoy has it.

It makes it easy for you to add the logo of your WooCommerce store, adjust the fonts, adjust the general colours of the theme and many many more.

8. It comes with two premium plugins worth $72

The two premium plugins are known as Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder.

Slider Revolution is a plugin that allows you to easily build beautiful sliders in drag and drop method and WPBakery Page Builder is a plugin that allows you to easily build beautiful posts and pages in drag and drop method as well.

9. Constantly updated

The team behind Savoy are constantly updating the theme to improve it. The updates are released from time to time similar to how Android or Apple releases a software update.

This way you will never need to worry about any errors with it and focus on selling products.


For more information on Savoy, head over to it’s official page on ThemeForest.