9 Things You Should Know About The Newspaper WordPress Theme

The Newspaper WordPress theme by tagDiv is no doubt one of the most popular WordPress theme for content powered websites such as a blog, news website, magazine, review website and so on. What makes it popular is something which you are about to find out below.

1. Easy to set up

Setting up the theme is easy. There are plenty of tutorials made available to get started.

2. There are 67 theme demos

If you are too lazy to set up the theme from scratch, you can easily import any one of the 67 theme demos which you think is suitable for your website.

Or, you can use either one of the demos as a starting point to design your website.

For your information, there are more demos being added to the theme whenever a new version of the theme is released.

3. It is constantly updated

At the moment of writing, tagDiv just released the 9.5 version of the theme. It’s the latest version and it’s also a better version compared to the previous version.

For instance, the new version gets more demos, header builder, new icons and more. I’ll share more about it’s features later on in this article.

Aside from that, the new version also contains bug fixes.

It’s sort of like how Apple releases a new software update for their iPhones.

4. Fantastic design

The design is the main thing that sets apart one WordPress theme with another.

And in my opinion, the Newspaper theme has one of the best design in it’s category.

Design is not just what it looks like And feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve jobs

I say it has one of the best design because of what it looks like, what it feels like and how it works.

The Newspaper theme comes with plenty of customisation options. It’s like tiny lego parts which are made for you to arrange into something you actually like looking at. And you don’t need to worry about any missing lego parts, because unlike lego parts, it has been coded permanently to never leave out of your sight.

You can customise the design of the header, the body and the footer in a way you never imagine possible. For example, you can easily select a header layout with just a click of a button.

You can also customise the post template with a click of a button.

And it goes on and on in the similar way to customise other design aspects of the theme. Very easy and no coding necessary.

5. More on design

If you are familiar with the new WordPress Block Editor, you will know that contents are now added in the form of blocks. For example, if you want to upload an image, then you will need to make use of the Image Block.

The Newspaper theme also makes use of blocks. But they are not directly associated with each other. In other words, Newspaper theme’s blocks and WordPress’ blocks are two different things, but they work very similarly.

The blocks in Newspaper theme are used to define the design of the theme’s content areas. For example, if you want to customise the design of the widget’s header, then you will need to select a block you prefer:

And there are blocks to display contents in different styles on posts, pages and sidebar.

7. Final thoughts on it’s design

There is also a feature called tagDiv Composer which allows you to customise the design of a page from the front end of your website. Whatever changes you make on the page can be viewed in real-time.

And if customizing the design of the page is something you find tedious, you can easily download and make use of any of the readymade page templates which are made available.

But of course it’s not all about content styling. Designing is also about colours, background, fonts and as what Steve Jobs says, “Design is how it works”. Which is what the Theme Panel of the theme is for, to take control of how the theme works, adjust the colours, background, fonts, upload logo, insert Google Analytics code and etc.

You are also able to easily insert Google AdSense advertisement code to the various sections of your website such as header, sidebar, article top, article inline, article bottom and so on. And the best part is that the advertisement will be made responsive automatically by the theme.

Other than that, you are able to customise the social sharing buttons styling and positions.

And many many more can be done in the Theme Panel.

In short, the Newspaper theme is the explanation of the phrase ‘web designing made easy’. And also the explanation of Steve Jobs’ quote on design.

8. POF – Plenty Of Features not Plenty Of Fish

The Newspaper theme has packed itself with all features a content powered website needs. Literally all! Here are a list of features which I find useful:

Smart Lists – Smart Lists is a feature that allows you to split a list type post into different pages. This allows you to generate more page views and at the same time maintaining the neatness of the content.

Smart Sidebar – Smart Sidebar is a feature that holds the sidebar together as you scroll the website. It can accommodate any number of elements, widgets and works great on all screen sizes.

Lazy Load – The whole theme has been optimized to lazy load. This means that you can expect a high performance content powered website with this theme.

Sticky Menu – Similar to how Smart Sidebar holds the sidebar as you scroll, Sticky Menu holds the menu as you scroll. No matter on mobile or desktop.

Live Search With AJAX – This feature displays the search results as you type. It makes your content more accessible.

Review System – The review system is complete and you can easily enable or disable it on any posts. On top of that, you can define the review system based on stars, points or percentages.

Unlimited Sidebars – This is the final feature which I adore with this theme. It allows you to create unlimited sidebars. This means that you can create a different set of sidebars for different categories. Or you can create a different set of sidebars for single posts. It’s really up to you. And you can take advantage of this to fully monetize and organize the contents of your website.

9. It can be used for business websites

The design and features that are present with this theme can also be used to create a standard website of any kind. Some of the examples include a law firm website, app landing website, restaurant website and more.

This theme is sort of like a puzzle and you are the master manipulator.

For more information on Newspaper, head over to it’s official page on ThemeForest.