How to Add or Delete a User in WordPress

As an Administrator of a WordPress website or a blog, adding or deleting an existing user is one of the capabilities given. An administrator will be able to easily add a new user or delete an existing user. The process is fairly simple.

On top of that, when it comes to adding a new user, the Administrator is also able to assign a role for the new user. For instance, if the Administrator wants the new user to be able to edit the posts and pages of a WordPress website or a blog, then the Administrator will need to assign the Editor role to the new user.

To add a new user in WordPress, you will need to find your way to Users > Add New.

And add the details of the new user such as username, email address, name, and as well as assigning the user role.

If you have checked the Send User Notification option, you don’t need to set a password for the new user. This is because the new user will automatically receive an email containing links for him or her to set a password by himself or herself.

However, if you choose to not check the option, then you will need to reach out to the new user personally with the account details such as username, password, and login link.

And that’s all there is to adding a new user in WordPress.

If you want to delete an existing user, simply head over to the All Users section.

Next, locate the user which you want to delete and you are able to delete the user without having to access the user’s profile page.

After that, confirm the deletion of the user.

And the user will be permanently deleted from the WordPress website or blog.

As simple as that.