How to Add a New Category in WordPress


It is what is used to categories the posts in WordPress.

Without it, the posts in WordPress will just be a bunch of stacked up posts based on dates. With it, the posts in WordPress will be organised based on genre.

In other words, having categorising your WordPress posts leads to a much more organised WordPress website. Just like a perfectly organised file cabinet.

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Here I will show you how to add a category in WordPress.

To get started, head over to the Categories section in WordPress.

On the Categories section is where you add a new category in WordPress. Here you can also view all the categories which you have added.

But, if you have not added any categories yet, you will see a default category which cannot be deleted. This default category is called Uncategorized.

If you publish a new post and did not assign a category to it, the post will be automatically assigned to the Uncategorized category.

You can, however, rename it if you want to. For instance, if you want Uncategorized to be renamed to General, simply hover your cursor on it and click Edit. Or, you can also rename it to the new category which you intended to add. This way, there will not be any unused category in your WordPress website.

To add a new category, make use of the Add New Category form located towards the left hand side of the screen.

To begin, add a name for the category and followed by a slug.

The slug is the way the category’s URL will appear on your website. Ideally, the name and the slug of the category should be the same to avoid confusion.

For instance, if the category is called Car, then the slug should also be car. This way, when a user of your website tries to access the car category via URL, they can conveniently type out the URL

After that, assign a Parent Category.

Categories in WordPress can have a subcategory or subcategories.

However, assuming this is your first time adding a category in WordPress, you will not have any Parent Category to assign. In other words, the first category you are adding should be Parent Category. The next category which you add can be a subcategory to the first category.

Assigning a parent category is totally optional.

Finally, add a short Description for the category.

This is also optional.

Once the above is all done, spank the Add New Category button.

And you have successfully added a new category in WordPress.