How to add an order summary column under WooCommerce’s orders admin panel

Similar to WordPress, WooCommerce can also be customised to your likings. And how customisable you want it to be depends on the level of PHP coding knowledge you have.

However, if you don’t wish to code but still keen on customising your WooCommerce, then don’t worry as plugins are there to your rescue.

Here I have found a plugin that adds on additional column to the orders section under WooCommerce admin panel

The plugin is called WooCommerce Smart Orders Page and the column that it adds is the order summary. In other words, it shows the orders of the customers in total and the additional column shows a detailed summary of what the customers purchased.

Here’s a screenshot:

On top of that it also adds two additional columns to the grid which are customer’s IP address and the OS and Browser.

Heads up

This plugin is only compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and higher.