How To Add Additional Tabs Right Beside The Description And Reviews Tab In WooCommerce

By default, each and every single product page in WooCommerce comes with a Description and Reviews tab. See the screenshot below for reference:

The bad news is that, there is no standard settings in WooCommerce that allows you to add more tabs here just in case if you want to. And the good news is that, there is a way where you can add more tabs here.

To add more tabs…

#1 Download, upload, install and activate Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin

If you have no idea on how to download, upload, install and activate a plugin, see our guide here – 2 Ways on how to install a WordPress plugin

#2 After you have activated the plugin, head over to the product editing page that you would like to add the additional tab to

Scroll down to the Product Data section and you will see a new section added that’s called Custom Tabs.

Click on it.

Next, click on the Add a Tab button.

Then, add the tab title and the description for the additional tab. Here’s an example:

You can also add images or videos if you like.

And once you are done, click Save Tabs.

And followed by updating the product page.

#3 View the product pageĀ 

And you will see that the new custom tab has been added and blends in very well with the other default tabs.