Astra WordPress Theme Performance Review

Not long ago, I reviewed the Astra WordPress theme.

I went into detail and talk about both the free and pro version.

However, something as you may have already figured out in life, nothing is perfect. I’m saying this because that review wasn’t perfect. I accidentally missed out on a key element of a WordPress theme review which was the performance.

To make it up for it, I write this piece which focuses on it’s performance alone.

As usual, I set up the theme on a live website and publish a few contents on it.

I then used Pingdom to measure the performance.

Pingdom has seven different locations to measure the performance of a website. To make it easier for you to process this post, I measured the performance using all seven different locations and calculated the average.

The website has an average loading time of 1.16 seconds.

For some of you, 1.16 seconds is fast and for some of you, it is slow. I got good news for you both.

The server which the website resides in is located in Michigan. So technically, if I were to test the original performance of the theme, I should use a server location that is close to Michigan while testing the performance with Pingdom. This will allow me to remove the server performance issue out of the equation and only focus on the theme’s performance.

Based on the above said, the closest server location to Michigan which is offered by Pingdom is located in Washington D.C. After running the test in Washington D.C, the result shows that the website loads in 356 milliseconds.

That’s really fast.

Now, what you need to pay close attention to here is the page size. This is because the weight of the website is the main contributing factor to the loading time. The bigger the page size, the slower the website loads. So, if the theme’s files size is small, that means that it only contributes to the loading time by a tidbit, which is good. On the other hand, if the theme’s file size is big, that means it contributes to the loading time quite a lot, which is bad.

The total page size in my case was 175.6 KB. However, most of the page size was contributed by the contents of the website such as the images and the buttons. The theme’s file size only amounted to 35.6 KB.

You can trust me on this. I went through the file requests graph like going through a needle in a haystack.

In other words, the Astra’s theme files are incredibly lightweight.

But what about the theme’s file size loading time?

That’s quick as Superman from Man of Steel.

To prove my point, see the screenshot below whereby it shows that the heaviest file of the theme which weighs only 15 KB and manage to load in 63.7 milliseconds.

In total, the theme only contribute about 150 milliseconds to the overall loading time.

And just for your information, for a WordPress theme to load within 150 milliseconds is actually Superman fast.