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woocommerce plugins by yith

12 Unique WooCommerce Plugins Developed By YITH

YITH is one of the best WooCommerce plugin developers which exist in this century. They have plenty of plugins up for sale which can really boost the performance...

4 Best Social Sharing Plugins in 2019 That Are Free to Use

Are you looking for a social sharing plugin for your WordPress website or blog? If you are, here's a collection of the best free social sharing plugins out there.
wordpress title and tagline

How to Edit the Title and Tagline in WordPress

WordPress title and tagline are something which you should pay attention to right at the beginning stages of setting up your WordPress website or blog. This is because both the title and...
affordable wordpress hosting

15 Most Affordable WordPress Hosting Providers (2019)

WordPress hosting comes in many shapes and sizes. There are WordPress hosting solutions which are developed especially for high traffic WordPress websites and there are WordPress hosting solutions developed for low or...

How to Sort the Products in WooCommerce’s Shop Page

The display of the Shop Page in a WooCommerce store not only can be customized, but it can also be sorted. Before I show you how the display...