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simple product woocommerce

How to Add a Simple Product in WooCommerce

There are a few different types of products which you can add to your WooCommerce store. The following are the types: Simple productGrouped productExternal/Affiliate productVariable product

7 Best Quick View Plugins for WooCommerce

According to an article authored by Christian Holst which is published in Baymard Institute's website, 48% of the top US-based e-commerce websites are using the Quick View feature. This feature is also...
default post category

Default Post Category in WordPress Explained

There is something called Default Post Category in WordPress. This Default Post Category is where the posts which you did not set any category to will end up....
gutenberg editor keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor is a fun way to write and publish a post in WordPress. It almost feels like playing Jenga. But except that it's not Jenga. It's...
microsoft word wordpress tutorial

How to Copy and Paste the Contents From Microsoft Word into WordPress

The structure of the Microsoft Word editor and the WordPress editor are two different things. So, copying the contents from a Microsoft Word editor and pasting it directly into the WordPress editor...