Bakery – A WordPress Theme for Bakeries

Baking is more than just a passion. It’s a stress reliever, it’s an art and it’s a skill.

Everyone can bake but, not everyone can be a baker.

Which is why I really look up to bakers.

Besides looking up to them, I do enjoy their creations. Enjoy in the sense of looking at them and enjoy in the sense of eating them.

Which is why I love bakeries.

As my tribute to the bakers out there who owns a bakery, here’s a WordPress theme that will bring both your creations and your bakery on the map.

Note: I’m referring the map as the web, considering the web is a world on it’s own.

Say hello to Bakery. A bakery WordPress theme so good and so real, it is named after what it is.

It is developed by Milingona and was officially released into the market on the 1st May 2015.

It has been sold to more than 2,500 bakers around the world which makes it the best selling bakery WordPress theme out there on the web.

And I’m guessing the following are the reason why bakers prefer this theme more than the others.

First of all, this theme comes with four pre-defined landing pages. Some might call it homepages.

All four landing pages are designed with different types of bakeries in mind.

For instance, the Onepage landing page is made for small bakeries which explain it’s simple one-page design. It has a unique Order Now section included which allows potential customers like me to place an order on the website itself.

It also has a well-designed footer to display the location of the bakery via Google Maps, an overlaying contact form, opening hours of the bakery, and contact details of the bakery.

If the bakery is much larger in size with many bakers working together, the Bakery Catalog landing page is the way to go. This is because it has a section which allows you to display the bakers onboard.

But of course, that’s not the only reason. The many navigations also contribute to the reason, which allows the bakery to add more contents related to the bakery such as Instagram feed, a blog, and even a dedicated About Us page with timeline among other stuff.

This theme can also be customized to your liking. For example, if you are not interested with any of the pre-defined landing pages, you can puzzle up a design which you think best fits a bakery.

It has a drag and drop page builder, so, customizing the theme is really like solving a puzzle. All you need to do is make use of the abundance of features made available and puzzle it all up the way you like it.

Speaking of abundance of features, here are some features that got my attention besides the ones mentioned above.

  • Pricing table – This is useful if the bakery has catering services.
  • Menu item – This is actually a need. It allows the bakery to list down all the baked goods in the form of a food menu. The baked goods can be listed with or without a price.
  • Before and after image slider – This can be used for anything. It will come in handy one day. For example, if you want to display the before and after images of the bakery’s renovation.
  • 6 header styles – If you don’t like one of the header styles, there’s another one waiting.
  • Unlimited sidebars – You can create as many sidebars as you like. In fact, you can create a different sidebar for every page on the website. You are really the God of the theme.
  • Powerful theme options – If the unlimited sidebars make you God of the theme, the powerful theme options make you beyond God. It gives you full control of the theme from head to toe. Colors to fonts. Posts to pages.

Bakery also comes with a lifetime free update. So, you really don’t have to worry about broken features.

On top of that, the theme developer also offers fast support in case you have trouble setting up the theme.

In short, I think this is the ultimate WordPress theme for bakeries. If you don’t think so, prove me wrong.

To learn more about Bakery, head over to it’s official ThemeForest page.