6 Best Before-After Image Slider Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Do you want to compare between two different images in WordPress? If you do, I suggest using a before-after image slider plugin.

A before-after image slider plugin is a plugin which allows you to compare the difference between two images that are overlaid using a sliding bar. This is actually quite a popular image comparing technique.

The following is an example of a before-after image slider plugin at work:

As you can see from the screenshot above, the two images are overlaid. And the plugin adds the sliding bar which can be dragged from left to right or the other way round. This way, the users get to clearly see the differences between the two images in a more effective manner.

That said, the following are the best before-after image slider plugins in WordPress.

Note: All the before-after image slider plugins listed below are touch and swipe enabled.

Twenty20 Image Before-After

If you are looking for a free plugin which has this feature, this is the only option. The rest of the plugins on this list comes with a price.

This plugin is quite easy to use. All you need to do is select the two images which you want to compare, set the width of the images, set the before and after text label, set the sliding bar direction and set some other optional settings and it’s ready to work. The plugin will generate a shortcode which you can paste anywhere on a post or a page.

The plugin also has a widget which can be used to add the before-after image slider on the sidebar.

Multipurpose Before After Slider

The way to set up the before-after image slider with this plugin is quite similar to the plugin above. Upload the two images, adjust the settings and use a shortcode to display it anywhere in a post or page. There’s even a widget included with this plugin as well.

The only difference between the both plugins is that this one has more customization options. For example, you can have a few before-after image sliders to appear together in one shortcode, you can choose between a traditional slider or a jQuery slider and you can also set the sliding bar speed + color.

Smart Before After Viewer

This one looks similar to the free plugin mentioned at the top of this list.

But in terms of customization, this plugin is very much alike to the Multipurpose Before After Slider plugin mentioned above. However, there are some customizations that are absent in this plugin. For example, you can’t have a few before-after image sliders appear in a single shortcode and you can’t control the sliding bar speed.

The plugin also does not have a widget, but, it has a shortcode generator which you can use to generate a before-after image shortcode and paste it in the text widget (I’m assuming this would work, but to be safe, check with the plugin developer on this).

Before & After Image Slider for WPBakery

Sorry folks, this one is only for the WPBakery page builder.

Truth be told, if this plugin was made for the WordPress editor, it would be the best before-after image slider plugin on this list. This is because it has a combination of all the customizations mentioned above.

Well, not exactly all the customizations but most of it. The only thing missing is the widget and the settings to control the sliding bar speed.

Aside from that stuff, this plugin has quite an array of settings for the sliding bar. For example, you can have the sliding bar to be angled instead of vertical or horizontal and you can have the sliding bar to revert to its original position when it’s no longer in use.

Before After Slider

The plugin developer of this plugin has quite an interesting take on how a before-after image slider should look like. This is because, instead of having the images to be overlaid, the before-after images appears in a fade-in method.

Or, you can also have the images appear from left to right, right to left, or side-by-side.


Customization wise, the basics are there. For instance, you can customize the sliding bar to have a drag effect or hover effect, you can customize the colors of the sliding bar and you can even link the images.

Ultimate Before After Slider for WordPress

This is the last before-after image slider plugin on this list. Similar to the plugin mentioned above, this one also has the fade-in and the side-by-side slider. But it does not have the left to right and the right to left slider.

On the bright side, it does have the typical horizontal and vertical slider which the plugin above lacks.

This plugin has a play mode feature. This play mode feature allows the sliding bar to slide on its own when it’s played.

There are also some basic customizations available with it. The basic customizations include changing the sliding bar color, adding a custom icon to be used as the sliding bar indicator, and setting the sliding bar to be enabled on hover or drag, among others.