Best Bundled Products Plugin for WooCommerce

A man walks into a Thai restaurant with his family of five to feast on delicious Thai dishes which includes tom yum soup, steamed sea bass and more. The restaurant waiter hands him and his wife two food menus; one consists of a regular menu (all ala carte) and the other one consists of a set that is fit for a family (the set is a combination of the most popular dishes in the restaurant and also cheaper compared to when the dishes are ordered in ala carte).

Which one do you think will be ordered? Our guess is if the man and the wife are experts in Thai dishes, they will order it ala carte. Otherwise, the set would be a much smarter option.

That’s what bundled products are all about in WooCommerce. Bringing a few products together as a set and putting a discount on it so that it would be easier for customers and at the same time, get rid of more stock. The customer wins, the store wins.

And the following plugins are the ones to make bundled products possible.

#1 WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

This is a free plugin that allows you to create bundled products as easy as creating any other type of products. The products that are bundled together will appear right above the cart and the standard WooCommerce Sale label and price cut will be triggered when the bundled products have a discount.

#2 Product Bundles

Compared to the plugin above, this plugin is a little more finely tuned. It gotta be, considering that it’s paid.

For example, if you decided to bundle a few products together but set a minimum limit on the number of units that needs to be selected in order for the discount to be activated, then the plugin will display a notification underneath it, requiring the customer to select more units. The plugin above does not have this notification feature but it has the minimum limit feature which can be confusing for some customers if you did not explain how the bundle works in the description box.

Customizing the layout of the bundled products, pricing individually and shipping individually are among other features absent in the plugin above.

FYI, shipping individually is a feature that is needed because by default, the shipping cost of the bundled products will be fixed based on what you have set. But what if some products are packaged together and some are not, requiring a few separate boxes to be shipped? This is when the shipping individually feature comes in handy. It allows you to mark which products should be shipped individually so that the customer is charged full shipping cost for it.

#3 YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

A similar plugin to the one listed above. All main features are there but there are tiny differences.

For example, the plugin above allows you to customize the layout of the bundled products but this does not allow you to do so. On the other hand, this plugin allows you to customize the way the pricing of the bundled products is displayed on the shop page but the plugin above does not allow you to do so.

So, when it comes to choosing between both you just gotta weigh in the little details and make the right choice for your store.

#4 Composite Products

Composite Products is sort of like the sequel of both the plugins above. It allows you to create stages of bundles – more than one bundle on a single cart and you can interconnect the bundles using conditional logic.

This plugin is perfect if you’re selling a fully customizable product, for example, selling a build your own PC online. It allows you to bundle up a few monitors together (if you have too many monitors to bundle up one by one, you can select the monitor category to have it all show up), followed by bundling up a few cases, graphic cards, hard disk drives and so on and have your customer select one of each before adding everything to cart.

The point is that this plugin can also be used for simple product bundling. And on the backend, it’s quite similar to how both of the plugins above works. In other words, if the little difference between both the plugins above does not bother you that much, you should go ahead and get this – the additional features might come in handy later on.