7 Best Quick View Plugins for WooCommerce

According to an article authored by Christian Holst which is published in Baymard Institute’s website, 48% of the top US-based e-commerce websites are using the Quick View feature. This feature is also sometimes known as Quick Look.

However, in the article, Christian Holst explained why using the feature in an e-commerce website is not a good thing. But, at the same time, he also mentioned that the feature could do good in some ways.

To make it simple for you to understand his theory, I have broken down and listed the advantages and disadvantages that could be caused by the feature.

The advantages

  • It provides quick information on the product such as product description, specifications, price, and images.
  • It allows shoppers to easily add products to cart without having to leave the shopping page and continue browsing where they left off.
  • It brings incremental conversation rate to the e-commerce website.

The disadvantages

  • It mislead some shoppers to think that it’s a product page. As a result, the some shoppers miss out on the product information and features that are only available in the actual product page. As a consequence of this, the shopper may discard the perfectly suitable product simply because they cannot find key information about the product.

Christian Holst also highlights the feature of being a symptom treatment feature. In other words, the feature solves a small problem in the design of an e-commerce website, but, it only solves it temporarily because the feature has a flaw. The flaw is the disadvantage mentioned above.

He also added that the solution for it is by utilizing a mouse hover to display additional product image in a form of slider or additional product information within the shopping page itself. His example for it was IKEA’s shopping page:

Image source: baymard.com

If you ask me, as a WooCommerce enthusiast I disagree with what he has to say. This is because the disadvantage can be avoided by displaying a clear-cut button on the shopping page that states it’s a Quick View feature. And if the e-commerce website is multilingual, the feature should be translated accordingly.

I mean, why spoil most of the shoppers fun when a very small percentage doesn’t know how to shop? Educating (e.g. Quick tour) the very small percentage regarding the feature instead of taking the whole thing down seems like a much wiser move.

Plus, when it comes to WooCommerce, to have the mouse hover feature would require developers to code the whole thing from the ground up. Whereas, the Quick View feature can be easily integrated using a WooCommerce plugin.

So, not only the mouse hover feature would be costly, it would take a lot of time to develop and you will never know if it will bring incremental conversation rate in the same way as the Quick View feature did.

I beg to differ Christian Holst.

On that note, here are the best WooCommerce plugins to add Quick View.

WooCommerce Quick View by Arshid

This is a free WooCommerce plugin which adds the feature to all products upon activation. The Quick View button appears neatly right next to the Add to cart button.

It also has a simple settings section which allows you to customize the colors of the modal window and button, edit the Quick View button label and disable it on mobile devices.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

There really isn’t much difference compared to this plugin and the one mentioned above. In fact, they are both free.

But, when comparing both plugin’s modal window side by side, I’m able to see the difference. The difference is that this plugin has a neater and cleaner way of displaying the modal window, however, it lacks product image gallery, which the plugin by Arshid has.

In other words, they both defect in some ways.

BUT, there is a pro version for YITH WooCommerce Quick View which fixes the defect. On top of that, the pro version offers plenty more customization options such as:

  • Add “View Details” button in the modal window which redirects shoppers to the product page when clicked.
  • Add social sharing buttons in the modal window.
  • More styling options.
  • Have the product quick view to cascade on the same page itself instead of having it popup in a modal window.

WooCommerce Quick View by XplodedThemes

This is not free. It comes with a $49 price tag, almost similar pricing as the pro version of the plugin listed above.

What I specifically like about this plugin is that it allows you to customize the modal window via the WordPress Customizer. It make things easier to manage.

On the other hand, the modal window looks more appealing compared to both the plugins mentioned above. One reason is the way the product images made to fit perfectly with the modal window.

The plugin does not allow you to display the Quick View button in the form of wordings such as “Quick View”. It only allows you to display it in the form of an icon which you can have it displayed on image hover or anywhere near the product such as above the Add to cart button or below it.

WooCommerce Quick View by WooCommerce

This is WooCommerce answer for Quick View. The feature is as straightforward as it can get.

But one thing which I like about it is that it has a trigger which allows you to integrate the Quick View feature into the standard Add to cart button. This is particularly useful for variable products. Shoppers can easily select the product options without having to load up the full product page.

WooCommerce QuickTray by IconicWP

Remember the cascading the pro version of YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin can do? This plugin is developed to do just that.

Unfortunately, it comes with a $49 price tag.

Fortunately, there is a 14-day free trial.

WooCommerce Quick View by IconicWP

Something which you may have observed based on all the plugins above is that they all have a unique touch. For instance, QuickTray is able to cascade the product info, the one by XplodedThemes does not have a Quick View button displayed, and so on. Why I’m saying this is because this Quick View plugin by IconicWP also has a unique touch. That unique touch is the ability to make use of the modal window as a product slider as well. 2-in-1.

Other than that, this plugin more or less carries the same weight in terms of features.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

This is the last Quick View WooCommerce plugin on this list. In fact, I don’t think you will find any other reliable Quick View plugins other than the ones mentioned on this list.

What’s unique about it is that it has 3 layout options to choose from; image only, product details only or both. You can also customize the contents of the quick view box. For example, you can enable zooming on the product image and you can even decide which product information should be displayed and which should not.

Quick View box with only the product details

Other than that, the plugin is designed to work with WooCommerce’s official product add-on plugin.