The Best WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins for the Year 2019

Gift cards. It is suitable as a gift for any occasions. Wedding? Birthday? Baby shower? Holiday? Graduation?

According to a gift card statistics released by Mageplaza, gift card sales is projected to hit 698.2 billion dollars in 2024.

Besides the projected sales, Mageplaza also did release some other interesting figures.

  • 65 percent of gift card recipients spent 38 percent more than the face value of the card.
  • $44.83 is the average spending per card during holiday shopping season.

Based on the figures above, gift cards also increase shoppers spending amount.

In other words, gift card is the key to open both the sales and profit doors in a WooCommerce store.

Come have a look at some of the ways to sell gift cards in WooCommerce.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

This is a free to use WooCommerce gift card plugin developed by Pimwick, LLC. Of course, they are not stupid to offer everything for free. There are some premium features that will require you to pay in order to unlock it.

But, the free version works good enough right out of the box.

It allows you to create a gift card easily like how you would normally add a product. In fact, it’s easier. It’s only a matter of specifying the gift card amounts that you want to sell.

gift card woocommerce

On top of that, it also adds some additional fields in the product page which allows shoppers to send the gift card directly to the recipient upon purchase.

Also, a gift card redeeming field will be automatically integrated in the cart page for shoppers to redeem the gift cards smoothly while about to checkout.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Honestly speaking, this gift card plugin by YITH is better compared to the one above. However, this is only for those who have a deep pocket. How deep? 105 Euros.

Got what it takes? If yes, proceed to read. If no, don’t proceed to read or otherwise you will be jealous with the features this plugin has to offer.

This plugin allows you to sell gift cards based on specific amounts which you have set and also it allows shoppers to input a custom amount.

Similar to PW WooCommerce Gift Cards, this one also allows shoppers to send the gift card directly to the recipient upon purchase. But, this one can do more. It allows shoppers to customize their gift card in terms of how it looks.

Shoppers can set a date for the gift card to be automatically sent to the recipient.

You can have the gift card redeeming field placed anywhere in the cart and/or checkout page.

And plenty more other gift card settings that surely covers everything you need to sell gift cards the best possible way.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card

You know, if you ask me, I would personally choose this plugin to sell gift cards. This is because it offers the main features from both the plugins above and on top of that it also has some additional settings.

Plus, there are 16 email gift card templates thrown in. There is a gift card template for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Happy Eid, Independence Day, Happy Halloween, Valentine’s Day and many more.

Remember I said it has additional settings? You can disable the use of gift cards for certain product category(s), disable the use of gift cards for certain product(s), and set a minimum amount or a maximum amount for when the gift card can be used.

This plugin is like having both the standard WooCommerce coupon feature and gift card feature combined.

On top of that, this plugin is only $30. That’s about $80 cheaper compared to the YITH WooCommerce Gift Card plugin.

The only downside with it is that it doesn’t add a gift card redeeming field unlike the other two plugins. Shoppers will need to make use of the standard coupon adding field in order to redeem the gift card.