Can Coupon Codes Drive Your WooCommerce Store’s Sales Down?

The coupon feature in WooCommerce is certainly a handy feature to help increase the conversion rate of your store. But at the same time, it could be driving sales down.

According to an article published in Neil Patel’s blog, the coupon code field that is visible in the cart and checkout page act as a trigger that prompts a shopper to search for a coupon. As a result to this, the shopper might end up finding a better deal elsewhere while searching for a coupon for your store.

That’s not the only problem though. Some shoppers will always be expecting for a coupon from your store and as a result, they never shop when there is no coupon.

One way to avoid this is to disable the coupon feature in WooCommerce.

This can be done under WooCommerce > General Settings area.

All you need to do is uncheck the option and save the settings. And the coupon feature will be disabled.

Another way to handle this is by installing the URL Coupons extension. It allows you to remain the coupon feature to be enabled but, you can hide the coupon code field in the cart and checkout page.

You can then issue a coupon in the form of URL which is a much more effective strategy as it reduces the risk of sending shoppers on a coupon hunt.

unique url coupon woocommerce

But if you want to remain the coupon code field and the overall coupon code experience, you are going to need to display all your store’s available coupons on a dedicated page so that shoppers do not leave your store.

For example, take a look at Macy’s Deals & Promotions page.

Image via Neil Patel’s blog

As you can see from the screenshot above, Macy’s list down all their offers including coupon codes on a single page where shoppers can easily browse without having to leave the website.

And they also slipped in ‘find one now’ close by to the coupon code field so that shoppers could easily access the page.

Image via Neil Patel’s blog

According to Macy’s president of innovation, Kent Anderson, this way of dealing with coupon codes led to large incremental sales.

One way of handling this like a pro in WooCommerce is by using the WP Coupons plugin. It allows you to display all the coupons available in your WooCommerce store on a page or any other sections like this:

Then, it’s only a matter of adding the link of the page somewhere close to the coupon code field of your WooCommerce store.