WordPress plugin is a puzzle piece of a WordPress website. This simply means that a WordPress website is the jigsaw puzzle. We review plugins the way every puzzle piece is important to complete the whole picture.

Convert Pro Review

I'm not really a strong believer in email opt-in forms or also known as newsletters in the eyes of the readers. This...

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Do you want to create a food menu in WordPress? If you do, RestaurantPress is the answer. RestaurantPress...

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Security for your WordPress website is needed. Very similar to how security is needed for a bank vault. But of course, if...

How to Add More Blocks in Gutenberg

Do you want to add more blocks to extend your Gutenberg editing experience? If you do, read on.

How to Disable a Block in Gutenberg

Gutenberg Editor adds a deck of blocks to be used in your daily or weekly routine of publishing a post or a...