Understanding WordPress and working with it is not something hard to do. But there are some hacks which you may not notice especially when you are moving across the dashboard faster than the Bugatti Chiron. Which is why this section exists.

wordpress title and tagline

How to Edit the Title and Tagline in WordPress

WordPress title and tagline are something which you should pay attention to right at the beginning stages of setting up your WordPress...
default post category

Default Post Category in WordPress Explained

There is something called Default Post Category in WordPress. This Default Post Category is where the posts which...
gutenberg editor keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor is a fun way to write and publish a post in WordPress. It almost feels like playing Jenga.

How to Display a Calendar in WordPress Sidebar

WordPress comes with a default Calendar widget which allows you to display a simple looking calendar on your sidebar. This calendar will...

How to Embed Google Calendar in WordPress Without a Plugin

Do you want to embed a Google Calendar in your WordPress website or blog for visitors to see? If you do, I...