Understanding WordPress and working with it is not something hard to do. But there are some hacks which you may not notice especially when you are moving across the dashboard faster than the Bugatti Chiron. Which is why this section exists.

The definition of WordPress widgets

This is a section in WordPress which you can find under Appearance >> Widgets. What it does is that, it allows you to add contents...

What is a Pingback in WordPress

Pingback is an automated comment that gets created in your blog when another blog links the post of your blog. It's basically...

Define Footer in WordPress

Footer = The bottom part of your WordPress website. In most basic WordPress themes, the footer part is used to add links to pages like...

The definition of functions.php in WordPress

functions.php is a template that can be found under Appearance >> EditorĀ (The theme development area). This file which can also be called Theme Functions is...

WordPress Administrator User Role Explained

If you were to see WordPress as a house, the Administrator is the owner of the house.