How to Allow Comment Voting in WordPress

The WordPress comment system works. Anyone will be able to post a comment and also leave a reply on someone else’s comment. And that’s as good as it gets.

It’s just too simple which is why many WordPress users tend to avoid using it. It lacks certain engagements such as comment voting, comment subscribing and comment sharing which are common in other comment systems.

The good news is that there are WordPress plugins which are developed especially to enhance the comment system – to make it more engaging. There are comment voting plugins which are developed to allow comment voting and there are plugins developed to allow comment subscribing.

For this post, I will show you how to allow comment voting in the WordPress comment system using a plugin.

What is comment voting

Comment voting is basically a feature that allows users to vote on the comments left by other users. An example would be Facebook’s comment system.

As you can see from the screenshot above, users are allowed to Like the comments left by other users.

If you are interested in having this comment voting feature implemented into your WordPress comment system, let’s proceed.

To begin, you will need to install and activate the Comments Like Dislike plugin.

After activating the plugin, head over to the plugin’s settings page to begin setting it up.

On the plugin’s settings page, you will first need to enable it so that the comment voting works. To do this, simply check the Status check box.

After that, you will be able to set the display position, the restriction and etc. Once you are done, save the settings.

You can also customize the comment voting template and colors under the Design Settings.

Here’s an example on how it would look like on the frontend: