10 Best Construction Company WordPress Themes

Are you looking for a WordPress theme to fit a construction company website? If you are, I have handpicked some of the best premium versions available out there.

You can literally put on any of the construction WordPress themes below onto your WordPress website like a pair of socks.

Note: The WordPress themes below are not arranged in any particular order.


Renovation is a construction company WordPress theme that’s straightforward. No beating around the bush.

I like how the homepage is layered into a few layers which allow the display of everything that is important to know about the construction company such as featured construction projects, services that are provided, testimonials and a big fullwidth slider at the top as a welcome mat.

renovation wordpress theme

Although this theme only has one type of layout to offer by default, the structure can still be rearranged using the Elementor page builder. Other than that, it is customizable in terms of colors and fonts.

And the header can be set to be sticky if wanted.


Unlike the theme above which is using Elementor, this theme uses WPBakery as it’s page builder.

If compared to both in an overview perspective, I would personally choose this theme simply because it has more designing options and I like the design on this one better. No hard feelings Renovation.

construction wordpress theme

It has four header styles to choose from and it also has four different homepage examples.

But when it comes to setting up the theme, I would say both themes have the same difficulty level. And the difficulty level is Easy.


BuildPress has the most homepage examples if compared to all three. However, only two of the homepage examples are designed to power the homepage of a construction company website. The others are irrelevant.

Speaking of the others, two of the homepage examples are coming soon pages. This could come in handy in case you don’t want to reveal the construction company website just yet. This coming soon pages can include a countdown timer, an email subscription form and company’s contact details.

Other than that, this theme is quite bold in terms of design if compared to the other two. And bold design simply makes a whole lot sense for a construction company website.

buildpress wordpress theme

It also has quite a lot of features to help you build pages from scratch if needed such as custom buttons, grid to display projects, table to display available services neatly, brochure box, horizontal fullwidth columns, vertical fullwidth columns, and many more.

But, I still prefer Construction in terms of design options.


Constructo has just become my new personal favorite. No hard feelings Construction.

constructo wordpress theme

This is because it beats it in terms of design options and it has 11 homepage examples. 11!

On top of that, it has 5 different header styles.

I mean, what more can you ask from a theme developer?

Well, it turns out, there’s more you can ask.

It has a powerful theme options panel which allows you to customize every part of the theme the way Doctor Claw does things.

It has a vertical menu in case if you are bored with the standard horizontal menu. But, if you are not into vertical menu, you can choose from 7 different types of horizontal menu.

It has a few different ways to display projects on a page.

And the sky is the limit with Constructo.


Although it has almost the same name as the theme listed at the beginning of this list, they are two very different things. Renovate has a more complicated structure which allows the display of the team members, skill sets, company news and more.

renovate wordpress theme

But, as complicated as it sounds, it is easy to set it up with the help of one click demo importer and theme options panel. If you come to think of it, setting up any of the construction WordPress themes on this list is easy. All thanks to the developers behind the themes.

However, what this theme has which the others don’t is a cost calculator feature. That’s right! A god damn cost calculator which allows clients to easily calculate the estimated cost of the construction service right from the front-end of the website.

You can literally fire the person who is in charge of handling client’s quotations as this feature allows the automation of it.

Pearl Business

This is a WordPress theme that is not specifically developed for a construction company website. It is developed for all sorts of company including a digital agency, transportation service, app landing, furniture business and 30 more other companies.

You can even use for a magazine website if you want to.

This sort of theme is called a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

My point here is, construction company website is one of the way to use it.

Considering the fact that this theme has multi-uses, this also means that it is highly customizable. In fact, it is more customizable compared to any of the themes listed here.

To be more visual in terms of what I mean above, this theme is like plasticine and you can really shape it to any shape you seem fit for the company by making use of the more than 200 available user interface features.


15 construction homepage examples for you to choose from. A new record.

There’s a modern homepage example, dark homepage example, white homepage example, and lots more.

Aside from that, what I like about this theme is that it has a very responsive scroll. It’s like when you play the Counter-Strike game and set the mouse sensitivity to medium-high.

In other words, it gives you a better grip on the theme, unlike the usual sloppy scroll which most of the themes on this list adopts.

Structure also has 16 predefined color schemes and 6 header styles to choose from.

In terms of customization, it uses the WordPress live customizer which allows you to customize the theme in real-time.


This theme can be related to Pearl Business. It is multi-purpose. Just like a multipurpose cooker.

The good news with this theme is that it has more construction company website homepage examples compared to Pearl Business.

One of the homepage examples which I adore is the minimal version. It has the ‘Don’t mess around look’.

spectrum wordpress theme

But, if you don’t like any of the homepage examples, you can build one from scratch by making use of the abundance of template and page features attached to the theme. No coding required!

Real Factory

If Constructo is my personal favorite, Real Factory is my second personal favorite. This is because I’m more of a design kind of guy. Not features guy.

But, if the features contribute to the overall design, then, you got me by the balls. Please mind my language.

I like this design because it is very well structured to the screen. No waste of space.

real factory wordpress theme

In other words, every part of the theme has been put to a good use.

Besides that, this theme has 19 header styles and 4 very well structured homepage examples to choose from.

There’s 6 footer styles, unlimited sidebar options, 14 blog layouts, 8 portfolio layouts and lots more design options to set up your ideal construction website.

We Build

As much as I would like to find and list down more construction WordPress themes, I got to sleep. Something which every human being has to do.

Although it is possible for me to continue listing down more construction WordPress themes on the following day after I wake up from a good night sleep, I deny to do so. Otherwise this list will be boring.

So, I end this list with We Build. A construction WordPress theme if you want a construction WordPress website with a one page design.

we build wordpress theme

This theme has been specifically developed with one page design in mind for construction websites.

It has 14 one page layout concepts.

It has cool parallax effect feature which can be added to any parts of the one page design.

It has 10 footer styles.

And more.

Which construction WordPress theme is your chosen one?