Convert Pro Review

I’m not really a strong believer in email opt-in forms or also known as newsletters in the eyes of the readers. This is because I don’t think contents should be delivered to the readers as that would just be like forcing them to read.

I think contents should be reached by the readers in the most natural way. For example, through search engines. A good scenario for this is when a person wants to cook a good spaghetti dish and winds up searching for recipes through search engines or a particular recipe website’s search engine. Only then the content would actually matter to the reader because the reader actually needs it.

Other natural ways:

  • Word of mouth.
  • Friends sharing via social media.

The impact is just better when contents are naturally acquainted to the reader.

Another reason for me to drop this bomb on email opt-in forms is because there are just too many contents in the world to be faithful to a few content creators. By the time the reader subscribes to every content creators, the reader’s email inbox will look more like spam compared to the spam inbox itself. I think this is one of the reasons why many readers are not in a serious relationship with their email account – because their inbox looks like spam due to over-subscribing.

In my opinion, to remain a strong content creator and actually getting readers to read without the hopes of an email opt-in form is by creating great contents. Great contents have a way of finding itself to be in front of the right readers.

But that’s just my personal thoughts tho.

At the same time, I could also think of the many benefits of having an email opt-in form present.

  • It helps you build an audience.
  • It improves the image of your brand.
  • It helps you build loyalty.
  • It increases website traffic.
  • It drives sales.

But then again, those benefits remain unchanged if you substitute email opt-in form with social media follow buttons. And half of the world is in social media discovering new contents every day compared to a smaller percentage discovering contents via newsletter.

In other words, getting readers to subscribe to social media profiles seems like a better and easier way to go. And not forgetting the advertising tools at your fingertips provided by social media platforms which allow you to reach even more readers from around the world.

Needless to say, there is no harm in having an email opt-in form present.

And if you are planning on having an email opt-in form in WordPress, Convert Pro could be the right solution for you.

I came across this plugin when I was reviewing the Managed WooCommerce hosting plan by Liquid Web. So I decided to review it as well since it has a prominent spot in the email opt-in form industry.

This is the review

To begin with, you should know that this plugin is a premium plugin. It is priced at $79.

But once you get over the fact that it’s priced at $79 and make the purchase, you will immediately come to the realization that you have been given more than what you expected. Just like the feeling you get when a buffet serves lobster and mussel even though the buffet is priced incredibly cheap.

In this case, there isn’t any lobster or mussel served. But, what is served is the simplicity of setting up an email opt-in form.

First of all, setting up the plugin is easy. Just install and activate it and it’s ready to use.

Secondly, creating an opt-in form is easier than you think.

I always thought creating an opt-in form requires designing skills and a lot of setting up work to do. But not with Convert Pro. It’s as easy as finger snapping.

All I had to do was to choose a type of opt-in form, select a template for the form and customize the form through a real-time customizer. So easy.

There are eight types of opt-in forms which you can create:

  • Modal popup
  • Info bar
  • Slide-in popup
  • Before/After post banner
  • In content form
  • Widget box
  • Convert mat
  • Fullscreen popup

Each and every form has its designated settings. For instance, the before/after post banner opt-in form can only set the geolocation, hide on certain devices or display it on certain parts of the website.

And the opt-in forms that involve popping up, on the other hand, has more settings which allow you to control the timing it pops up, schedule the date it pops up, set to only pop up for first time visitors only, and lots lots more.

And the best part is that you can easily connect any of the forms to an email marketing automation platform which you prefer as there are more than 30 options provided included MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, ConvertKit, and Zapier.

After the form has been customized, configured and published, it will be working on the website with immediate effect.

I mean, who would have thought setting up an email opt-in form would be that easy?

On top of that, Convert Pro also comes with a bunch of other useful tools such as A/B Test. This A/B Test tool allows you to easily test between two or a few opt-in forms which you have created and see which one performs best.

There is a tool that allows you to connect it with Google Analytics to track impressions and conversions.

And there are some tools to help you take the designing of the opt-in forms to a whole new level.

In short, Convert Pro is an opt-in form plugin which has been developed with both designers and content creators in mind. If you are not a designer but a content creator, it helps you create beautiful opt-in forms. If you are not a content creator but a designer, you will have a blast designing beautiful and stunning opt-in forms. If you are both a designer and a content creator, this is the perfect opt-in form plugin.

Don’t mind me – I’m still not a strong believer in it.