How to have a cool customisable footer for WordPress

A footer says a lot when it comes to a website. It simply presents what is the last impression that your company or site gives to a visitor.

So having a cool finish with your footer will leave a memorable experience to your visitors and thus having them return to your site in the future.

One way to get started on how to have a WP website with a fully customisable footer without getting your hands dirty with html and php coding is by installing the Smart Footer System plugin.

It allows you to easily add the following features to your WP domain:

  • Build footers using visual composer, html or fusion builder
  • Sticky footer with a lot of customisable options (You can choose between mouse over or click action, normal or full width handle, set vertical align, define different icons and text to open and close and you can define different animations and their speed)
  • Full height sticky footer
  • Post type custom footer (You can set a different footer for each post)
  • Cart & checkout pages custom footers (You can set specific footer for a single page, post, etc)

And there are much more features to it.

More information on Smart Footer System | Demo