3 Best Custom Thank You Page Plugins for WooCommerce

When a shopper has successfully placed an order in your WooCommerce store, the shopper will automatically be redirected to the Order Received page which is also known as a Thank You page. This Thank You page contains a thank you note, order number, date and other necessary details of the purchase.

While this is good enough for a WooCommerce store to operate on its own, there are certain things you can do to improvise this Thank You page. For example, you can offer upsell or display necessary information about the product which the shopper purchase such as a tutorial on how to get started on using the product. Or you can also include some social sharing buttons to get shoppers to share the products which they had purchased. Or you can include an email opt-in form to get shoppers to subscribe to your mailing list for updates and promotions you have in your store. This will not only help the shopper close the chapter of the shopping experience in the best possible way, but it also helps you maximize the use of the page.

Unfortunately, the default WooCommerce settings do not allow you to customize the Thank You page based on your liking.

You will need a plugin to workaround the default WooCommerce settings. The following are the plugins that allow you to customize the page.

YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce

Priced at 60 Euros, this plugin is quite easy to understand and easy to work with. The plugin allows you to create a custom Thank You page using the standard WordPress editor and link it to a particular product, a group of products, or link it based on the payment method selected by the shopper – this is especially useful if you have collaborated with the payment gateway to give out gift cards or freebies.

Other than that, the plugin also has a setting which allows you to add social sharing buttons, upsell products, and customize the colors of the page.

And yes, the order details and information can still be remained intact on the page.

Custom Thank You Pages by StoreApps

The purpose of this plugin is similar to the plugin mentioned above. You can customize your own Thank You page for individual products or you can have the customized page to appear as the main Thank You page for your whole store.

And similar to the plugin above, you can use the WordPress editor to build the page from scratch.

However, this plugin does not allow you to group a bunch of products to have the same Thank You page unlike the plugin above. It also does not allow you to upsell or set a custom Thank You page based on the payment gateways selected.

But, it’s a cheaper option. It’s only priced at 39 Dollars (US).

NextMove Lite

If you don’t have money to buy any of the plugins above, I say go for this one. Based on the many free plugins out there which boast this functionality, this is the best-maintained plugin.

It allows you to customize the Thank You page any way you like and set it to appear for an individual product or set it to appear based on a product category. You can also set a custom Thank You page based on the number of products purchased by the shopper.

The plugin also allows you to set the page to have a single column or double columns.

There’s also a pro version of the plugin. The pro version will cost you 29 Dollars (US).

What’s interesting is that the pro version is actually as good as the plugin mentioned at the top of this list. So, you can say that this plugin is sort of a bargain of that plugin.

The pro version allows you to upsell, display related products, display recently viewed products, display social sharing buttons, display a personalized time-bound coupon code, set strict rules in terms of where you want the custom Thank You page to appear, and many more.