Customer Reviews for WooCommerce Plugin Review

Out of the box, WooCommerce has a good review system. You can easily enable it and you can do some basic settings with it.

With the following plugin, you can take advantage of the review system in a way that will bring more business to your store.

What is Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

It’s common sense that more reviews left by customers on the product page equals to more sales – as long as the reviews are positive.

This plugin is sort of like knocking on your customers’ door and asking them to leave a review after the product has been delivered. It allows you to configure an automated email and send it to the customers, inviting them to leave a review. You can set when you want the email to be sent (e.g. two days after the order has been delivered) and if you’re feeling generous, you can also include a discount to further encourage them to leave a review.

But that’s not all it can do. If the customer has purchased more than one product from your store, you can get the plugin to automatically generate a form that allows the customer to review all the products on a single screen instead of having the customer to open a few tabs and review the products individually. The reviews that are added through this form will then be transferred to the individual product pages in the standard WooCommerce format.

Other than that, it allows you to add more features to the WooCommerce review system, which is by getting customers to upload images and videos, display verified badge on customers reviews, display reviews summary bar on the product page, enable visitors to filter review by rating and enable visitors to vote on the reviews.


There are many other plugins out there that are developed to enhance the standard WooCommerce review system, but those plugins limit yourself from maximizing the use of the review system if compared to this plugin.

To give you a better understanding, there is a plugin called Review for Discount developed and sold by WooCommerce. The plugin is only capable of auto-generating emails to invite customers to leave a review. And you can include a discount inside of the email as an incentive. That’s all it can do – which is one-tenth of what Customer Reviews for WooCommerce can do.

The same thing goes with the other review plugins out there. They are like extracted parts of this plugin.

Also not forgetting to mention that those plugins are not free…this is free.

To keep it short and simple, this is the best review plugin for WooCommerce. And based on the number of downloads and ratings this plugin has received, we are sure that we’re not the only one who thinks so.