Quick Tip: Display Last Updated Date in WordPress Posts

If your WordPress website has lots of contents published such as articles, blog posts and how to guides, then, you should keep them updated. I mean, who would want to consume contents that are not updated?

Consuming contents that are not updated is like using an iPhone 4. It’s still an iPhone, but, you are missing out a lot.

And there are people who are very peculiar in this kinda stuff. If they stumble upon a content and found out that the content is not updated, they immediately dispose of it. This will only harm the reputation of your WordPress website and it will also increase the bounce rate.

To avoid such things to happen, first, you will have to update the contents regularly. Second, you will have to let people know that the contents are updated.

I can’t help you with the first way. You will need to find that strength in you to update the contents regularly.

But, I can help you accomplish the second way.

To let people know that your contents are updated, you can make use of this plugin called WP Last Modified Info. This plugin which is developed by Sayan Datta allows you to display the last updated date of the content.

Here’s an example:

You can choose to have the last updated date appear at the top or at the bottom of the content. You hold the key to the master bedroom.

Other than that, you can also customize the ‘Last updated’ message. For example, you can change it to ‘Last modified’ or anything else.

All the customizations can be done via the plugin’s settings page which is quite easy to grasp on.

last updated date wordpress

You can include last updated time.

Display the name of the author who updated the content.

The goal is to show people that the content is updated.

This plugin also automatically notifies search engines regarding the last updated date. As a result, certain search engines will display the last updated date instead of the published date.

Not only this shows people that the content of your WordPress website is updated on search engine results, it will also increase the chances of them clicking on it. As I said earlier, who would want to consume contents that are not updated?