Eight Reasons Why FastComet’s WordPress Hosting Is A Treat

FastComet has a strong user base in the WordPress community. And there are many reasons for this to happen.

Here are some of the reasons.

1. Affordable plans

There are three plans offered; StartSmart, ScaleRight and SpeedUp. These plans are priced at $2.95 per month, $5.95 per month and $9.95 per month respectively.

2. Free domain name for life

Most web hosting providers usually offer a free domain name registration which will save you $15. This means that you get a free domain name for the first year. But the following year, you will need to renew the domain name and it will cost you $15.

With FastComet, you will never need to pay for domain name for the rest of your life. Which also means that you save $15 every year.

3. But of course, is not all roses

For instance, they offer limited storage space. This can be quite a problem if your WordPress website needs a huge storage space.

But if you are just running a WordPress blog like me, the 15GB, 25GB and 35GB offered in it’s respective plans are not a problem. In fact, they are more than enough.

4. Limited traffic

The following screenshot explains the unique visits each web hosting plan is able to handle:

As you can see, their most affordable plan, StartSmart, is able to handle 25,000 UVs and followed by 50,000 UVs for their ScaleRight and 100,000 UVs for their SpeedUp.

Once again, those numbers are looking good if you are running a normal WordPress website or blog. If your website or blog receives tonnes of visitors, then, it’s best if you consider their cloud VPS or dedicated servers.

5. cPanel

Many WordPress hosting providers are slowly ditching cPanel as their main web hosting control panel. They are replacing it with their new and custom-made control panel to give their users a more custom experience.

This is not wrong. Because they are both designed to work the same way.

But many users still prefer using cPanel to manage email accounts, installations and so on.

And FastComet is one of the WordPress hosting providers that still uses cPanel.

So this can either be a good thing or a neutral thing for you.

6. Options of eight datacenter locations

Datacenters work as a wifi modem. But on a larger scale. Way way larger scale.

For example, if your WordPress hosting provider’s datacenter is located in Asia, then your WordPress website or blog will load fast for your users in Asia. And it will load slower in countries located outside of Asia.

With FastComet, they offer eight datacenter locations to choose from. Singapore, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dallas, Chicago and Newark. And you can choose the one closest to you and your users to maximise the performance of your WordPress website or blog.

This is something not all WordPress hosting providers are capable of offering their users. Which I think could be one of their main reason of success.

7. 45-day money back guarantee

While most WordPress hosting providers are bending over backwards to offer 30-day money back guarantee, FastComet easily offers it’s users 45-day money back guarantee.

8. FastSupport

FastComet should certainly consider renaming their brand to FastSupport simply because they have a support team that works amazingly quick to resolve their user’s issues.

On top of that, they offer many different ways for their users to reach them such as live chat, phone and ticketing.

Final thoughts

Considering FastComet is relatively new in the WordPress hosting background, they have managed to get the spotlight pointed at them at such a short period of time. And this cannot be accomplished without the eight reasons mentioned above.

And if you are in for a treat for a good WordPress hosting provider, FastComet is a good option.

To find out more about FastComet’s WordPress hosting, head over here.