How To Enable Night Mode For Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Using your PC or laptop in the dark or at night is not a good thing for your eyes as it can cause eye strain. Which is the reason why many renown websites like Twitter have introduced Night Mode as it allows you to continue browsing at night without leaving you with eye strain. Here’s an example of Twitter’s Night Mode feature:

Before Night Mode

After Night Mode

The good news is that if you constantly use WordPress during night time and you want to avoid getting eye strain, you are also able to enable the night mode in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Here’s how you do it.

#1 Download, upload, install and activate Dark Mode plugin

If you have no idea on how to download, upload, install and activate a WordPress plugin, see our guide here – 2 Ways on how to install a plugin

#2 After activating the plugin, hover your cursor on Users and click on Your Profile

Then, scroll down till you see the section that says Dark Mode.

Here, check the box that says Enable Dark Mode on the admin dashboard.

If you like, you can also set a period of time so that the Dark Mode is enabled automatically during the period that you have set.

Once you are done, scroll all the way down and click Update Profile.

And your WordPress admin dashboard now has night mode.