The Best Estimated Reading Time Plugins for WordPress

Displaying the estimated reading time for your posts in WordPress could decrease bounce rate, get more readers and get more shares. That’s according to this article by Arienne Holland which is published in Marketing Land.

In the article, she explained how the estimated reading time could get more readers to read with some scientific evidence backing her claim.

In other words, displaying the estimated reading time is important if you want to get the numbers right.

Therefore, if you want to display the estimated reading time for your posts in WordPress, the following plugins will not fool you.

Minutes to Read

Minutes to Read is not a free plugin. It is priced at $9.

This plugin adds a reading progress bar at the very top of the post and the estimated reading time at the bottom right hand corner of the post. See the screenshot below if what I’m tryna say confuses you.

What’s interesting about this plugin is that it does not display the reading time and the progress bar when there isn’t any movements on the screen. If the reader scrolls, only then the suspects will appear.

Another interesting thing about it is that the reading time changes as the reader scrolls to show how much time is left. Sort of like a countdown to help the reader get through the article.

More info about the plugin

Worth The Read

Unlike Minutes to Read, Worth The Read is free. The plugin is developed by Well Done Marketing.

In terms of how it works in a broad perspective, both plugins are quite similar, except that there are some differences too.

The similarity is that they both add a reading progress bar at the very top of the post. The difference is that the reading time of this plugin is displayed in a stagnant way after the title.

Another big difference is that this plugin is more customizable. You can control the placement of the progress bar, control the placement of the reading time, adjust the design of the progress bar, adjust the reading time format and many more.

More info about the plugin

Reading Time WP

Developed by Jason Yingling, this plugin is straightforward all about the reading time. No progress bar or any other funny business.

Enabling it will add the reading time above the post content. Here’s an example:

You can also customize the reading time format via the plugin’s settings section.

Oh yeah! This is also a free plugin.

More info about the plugin

WP Time To Read

This is the last plugin on this list. It is developed by MyThemeShop.

It comes with a $19 price tag. In other words, it’s the most expensive reading time plugin here.

In terms of how it works, I can confidently say that it’s very similar to Worth The Read. So, you can might as well judge me and say that I’m suggesting the use of Worth The Read over this plugin.

However, there is a tiny feature which this plugin gives which the others don’t. And that’s the displaying of the reading time on the all posts page or the post category page.

Unless you don’t need this feature, Worth The Read is the way to go.

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