Five Premium WooCommerce Themes That Would Be A Good Alternative To The Storefront Theme

While the Storefront theme is intuitive and flexible enough to build a basic or a robust WooCommerce store, it might not be the one some of you who are looking for in a theme.

And if that person is you, the following list of premium WooCommerce themes will probably be some of the best alternative options which you can ever find on the internet.

1. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is one of the best-selling WooCommerce themes. And the reason to why it is one of the best-selling is pretty clear; it has plenty of customisation options, it has drag and drop page building which makes it easy for you to customise the theme and there are plenty of video guides and walkthroughs for you to understand how the theme works.

On top of that, Shopkeeper also comes with a few pre-built layouts so that you can setup your store quickly and save tons of time.

2. The Retailer

If Shopkeeper does not please you in terms of appearance, then The Retailer will. The Retailer has a bolder design and possesses most of the features and functionality of the Shopkeeper.

However, the only thing that slack with this theme is pre-built layouts. It does not exist. But if you are handy enough, you can easily transform this theme to any sort of store by using the available features and customisation options.

3. XStore

The theme developer of this XStore theme has made it a little easier to create an e-commerce store. This is because they have more than 70 pre-built layouts which you can use to setup an e-commerce website with just a click of a button. Some of the pre-built layouts include a bicycle store, furniture store, burger restaurant store, glasses/optical store and more.

On top of that, there’s also a countdown timer feature which you can utilise to place on the product(s) so that it gives a sense of urgency to your customers.

4. WoodMart

WoodMart is custom made for large businesses with many products such as a grocery store, supermarket and so on. It has many navigations which allows customers to easily navigate around the many products that you are selling. And the design has been kept neat despite having many navigations laying around.

But of course this theme can also be used for small businesses as the main features of an online store is already there. It’s just a matter of you arranging the theme’s layout and features so that it matches your store’s requirement.

WoodMart also comes with 52 pre-built layouts which allows you to setup a store in a matter of seconds.

5. Aurum

Aurum is a minimal design WooCommerce theme. And it’s the only minimal WooCommerce theme which we think to be the best in the WooCommerce theme industry.

Thankfully, we are not the only one to think so as this theme is actually the best-selling minimal WooCommerce theme in ThemeForest.

Similar to the rest of the themes on this list, this theme is easy to setup with it’s drag and drop builder and comes with many useful shopping features.