Free WordPress Themes vs Premium WordPress Themes

Finding a WordPress theme is an absolutely necessary step which comes right after installing WordPress. This is because it basically defines the website design, defines the website layout and defines what the website is all about.

For example, if you are looking to create a blog with WordPress, then you will need a WordPress theme that is developed for a blog.

Unfortunately, finding a WordPress theme is a step that will make you be a kid again due to the thousands of choices available out there. Which is the right one for your website is something you should take your time and find out.

But, before you do that, there is a bigger question that you need to face. Free WordPress theme or premium WordPress theme?

Well, that’s something that I will help you answer in this post.

If you decide to try out free WordPress themes, then you should always look for it in the official WordPress theme directory. Why? This is because the themes which are published there are reviewed by the Theme Review team to make sure that all themes are safe to be used and compatible to be used in all WordPress environment. WordPress themes that are published elsewhere may be dangerous to a WordPress website as they are not reviewed by WordPress officials.

And if you decide to try out premium WordPress themes, then you should look for it in places that are reputable.

Check out this list of places where free WordPress themes are safe to use. And also check out this list of places where premium WordPress themes are safe to buy.

Features and functionalities

On the other hand, free WordPress themes have basic features and functionalities. According to WPBeginner, developers who develop and publish free WordPress themes usually do it to improve their skills and build a reputation for themselves as a theme developer. As a result, you won’t find high-end features and functionalities like how you would in premium WordPress themes. This is because high-end features and functionalities are not something that can be developed by a single WordPress developer. It takes a few developers to work together and it requires a lot of time and work to maintain it.

The only way to get high-end features and functionalities into a free WordPress theme is by installing third-party plugins.

Based on the above said, both free and premium WordPress themes are good to use. However, free WordPress themes will require you to go out there and look for plugins in case you need more features and functionalities. Premium WordPress themes on the other hand usually have those features and functionalities that you want pre-packaged.

In short, for the above reasons, premium WordPress themes are better simply because they are more convenient.

But of course, that’s not all the difference between the two.


Support is the other difference between the two. Free WordPress themes usually have no support offered. Although there is a proper support forum dedicated for each and every free WordPress themes listed in the WordPress Theme Directory, the WordPress theme developers will either take ages to reply you or some never reply at all.

Premium WordPress themes on the other hand usually offer good support. The WordPress theme developers will reply to most of your doubts and some will even assist you with setting up the theme.


As mentioned earlier, free WordPress themes are usually developed by theme developers to either improve their skills or to build a reputation. So, updating the theme is not something which they decide to wake up their morning to.

Premium WordPress themes on the other hand are constantly updated. This is to fix bugs, introduce new features and to keep their existing and new customers happy at all times.


When it comes to design between the both types of WordPress theme, it is really like comparing between a Ferrari and a Honda. While both Ferrari and Honda looks good, there is a clear winner.


Clearly premium WordPress themes are more convincing. In fact, it is the type of WordPress theme that you should get if you take your website seriously. However, free WordPress themes are also a good option if the budget is not on your side. It’s just a matter of finding a free WordPress theme with a responsible WordPress theme developer like the OceanWP.