This is the only guide you need to get started on adding navigation menu to WordPress

#1 Go under Appearance >> Menu

A screen will appear and you will need to start by naming the menu. Then click on Create Menu.

#2 You will then see Pages, Custom Links and Categories on the left

Check whatever you want to appear on the menu and click Add to Menu.

Pages: Basically adding pages that you have created to the menu

Categories: Basically adding categories that you have created to the menu

Custom Links: Basically adding specific links that appears on your menu

#3 Once you have added the menu, choose where you want the menu to appear under the Menu Settings

However, this settings could vary for different themes.

#4 Complete the above and click Save Menu

Visit your WP website and your menu will now appear.

#5 Go back to your menu if you would like to rearrange the position of it

It’s simple to rearrange it. All you need to do is drag and drop how and where you like it.

See screenshot below for reference.