Here’s A List Of Some Of The Popular Google Now Voice Commands

Google Now is one of the easiest way to get the answer for that question that’s been floating in your mind. It’s as easy as just saying ‘Hey Google’ and followed by the question that you have in mind. And you will get an answer almost immediately.

However, there are still many users who are not sure on how exactly they should ask the question. Well, here we list down some of the popular Google Now voice commands which will give you an idea on how a question is asked and also what else you can command Google Now.

Do take note that all Google Now commands should begin with Hey Google or OK Google and followed by the command.

General Questions

How old is Steven Spielberg?

What is the meaning of life?

How do I spell paradox?

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

What time is it?

How many meter is 500cm?

What is the stock price for Google?

What is 100 multiplied by 50?

What is the weather going to be like today?

How do you say ‘What’s my name’ in French?

Take Control Of Your Device With Google Now

Open Spotify.


Turn on the flash light.

Turn on Bluetooth.

Take Control Of Your Life With Google Now

Set an alarm at 7am.

Remind me to buy eggs at 9am.

Set a timer for 30 minutes.

Where’s my package? (Do take note that for this to work, the tracking information should be in your Gmail account).

I’ll be having dinner with Vania on Saturday 8pm. (Google Now will create a calendar event by you saying so).

What is my schedule for tomorrow?

Google Now as your personal assistant

Call Mom. (You can replace the word Mom with any other names in your contact list).

Post to [Twitter or Facebook] – I had a great day today.

Send a text message to Bob – Hi Bob, when can I get the $20 that you owe me.

Google Now as your personal tour

What’s the directions from here to the Eiffel Tower.

Where is the nearest seafood restaurant.

What are the attractions around here.

Where’s my hotel?

How much is 5000 Rupees in US Dollars?