How To Check Grammar And Spelling Errors In WordPress

Writing with WordPress is fun. Especially writing with the new Block Editor. But as all writing goes, it can get pretty brutal when it comes to grammar and spelling mistakes.

Which is why I recommend using Grammarly. A freemium grammar and spelling checker tool that helps you check your grammar and spelling errors as you write in WordPress.

Technically this is not a tool that is specifically developed for WordPress. It is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Enabling this tool not only allows you to monitor your grammar and spelling errors in WordPress, but it also allows you to monitor them on other sites such as Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Outlook, Facebook, Messenger and etc.

Here I will show you how to set up Grammarly for Google Chrome. I will also show you how it works in WordPress.

Step 1: Head over to Grammarly for Chrome in Chrome Web Store

Next, I will click on the Add to Chrome button to begin the installation.

Doing so, a prompt will appear which explains what the extension is capable of doing. I will click on the Add Extension button to proceed.

That’s all is needed to be done. The extension will begin downloading.

Once it’s downloaded, it will be added to Google Chrome automatically. And I will be redirected to the sign up page of Grammarly where I will be asked to create an account. The good news is that creating an account with Grammarly is optional. So, I can skip the process of creating an account and begin using the extension for free.

Step 2: Begin using Grammarly in WordPress

To use Grammarly in WordPress is easy.

All I need to do is head over to a WordPress post or page editing screen and the Grammarly notification will appear out of nowhere to inform me that Grammarly is active.

I can click on the Take a quick tour button to see how it works or I can skip the tour and get right on to fixing my grammar and spelling errors.

That’s it!

Grammarly nows works in WordPress.

Whenever there is a grammar or spelling error, Grammarly will highlight it along with providing the right use of words.