How to Create a Food Menu in WordPress

Do you want to create a food menu in WordPress? If you do, RestaurantPress is the answer.

RestaurantPress is a WordPress plugin that is free of charge. All thanks to WPEverest, the entity which develops the plugin and also made it available for free.

It can be used to create a simple and clean food menu for restaurants, bars, cafes, and any other establishments that have a food menu associated.

On top of that, it’s also easy to use, customizable and responsive.

Here’s the tutorial on how to use the plugin.

To begin, install and activate the plugin in WordPress.

Next, add a category for the food menu which you are about to create by heading over to the Categories section of the plugin.

Insert a name and slug just like how you would add a normal category in WordPress.

After the category has been added, it’s time to add the food menu items.

To add the first food menu item, click on the Add Menu Item option.

And followed by adding the details of the food menu item such as its name, description, price, and image.

Note: The default currency which is set with the plugin is Rs (Indian Rupee). I will show you how to change it later in this tutorial. But, if you don’t want the price to be displayed, leave the price option empty.

Repeat the above step to add as many food menu item as you like.

Once all the food menu item has been added, it’s time to set the currency up.

Head over to RestaurantPress > Settings.

And set the currency and the position of it and followed by saving the changes.

Finally, it’s time to group the food menu items.

To do this, you will need to create a new Group via the Groups section of the plugin.

Give a name for the group and a short description.

Next, define the column of the food menu. For example, if you want the food menu to appear in a single column, select the One Column option under Layout Type. You can also have the food menu to appear in two columns or in a grid.

After that, select the Grouping option.

Here, add the food menu category.

And publish the new group.

That’s all is needed to be done. The food menu has been successfully created.

What you will need to do now is add the food menu anywhere you want it to appear in your WordPress website.

For instance, if you want the food menu to appear on a post or a page, make use of the RestaurantPress Group block.

On the other hand, if you are still using the Classic Editor, use the highlighted option below to add it.

Note: Adding the food menu via the Classic Editor will require you to insert the Group ID. The Group ID can be found under the Groups section.

Here’s an example on how the food menu should appear.