How To Find The Perfect Font For A WordPress Website

The fonts of a WordPress website is as important as the overall design of the WordPress website. Which is why you should carefully go through the thousands of available fonts and compare it with the design of your WordPress website to see if it matches. It’s like choosing the perfect tiles that will go along with your bathroom.

One way to carefully choose a font that will be suitable for your WordPress website is by making use of the Google Fonts plugin. It allows you to easily go through the 877 unique Google fonts with your WordPress website in real-time.

But, going through 877 Google fonts takes a lot of work and a lot of time.

And designing is more like an instinct. For instance, if you go to the shopping center and you saw a pair of shoes on display that will perfectly go along with a favourite pants you have.

Which is why I don’t recommend you using the plugin when it comes to choosing a font for your WordPress website. What I recommend is browsing websites like how you normally would and when you come across a font that you think will perfectly fit your WordPress website, find out what font it is and bring it to your WordPress website.

The question is, how to find out the font that is being used by another website?

Say hello to WhatFont.

WhatFont is a Google Chrome extension that detects the font a website is using. It also detects the services used for serving the font.

With it, you can go to your favorite websites and check out their fonts. If you see what you like and you think it would work well on your WordPress website, you can easily find out more information about the font and have it integrated to your WordPress website.

Here I will show you how to set up and use the extension

First, head over to the WhatFont extension page in Chrome Web Store. Next, add the extension to Chrome by clicking on the Add to Chrome button.

Once it’s added, head over to any of your favourite website and click on the WhatFont icon on your Google Chrome toolbar.

Doing so, the extension will be activated.

Next, hover on the font which you would like to know more about and you will see the name of the font presented.

Here’s an example:

whatfont wordpress

And if you click on it, a popup will appear with more information about the font such as the font family, font weight, font size, font color and etc.

With these information, you can be on your way to perfecting the font on your WordPress website.

That concludes the tutorial on how to use the WhatFont extension.