How To Improve WooCommerce Checkout Page For Better Conversion Rate

If the product which you are selling in your WooCommerce store is the only one of it’s kind, then, you should not worry about shoppers not buying it. This is because you are the main seller of the product and there are no competitors which you are competing with. But of course, the product has to be something that is good quality, it has to be something that is useful and it has to be something that is worth every penny.

The product sells itself if the above description fits what you are selling. You never need to worry about shoppers abandoning the cart, you never need to worry about the checkout process, you never need to worry about anything.

But, what if the product(s) which you are selling is also being sold by other online stores? That’s when you need to pay close attention to your store instead of the product. Everything from the marketing tactics, checkout process, and overall UX should be held accountable if the store returns lesser sales than expected.

This post highlights on the checkout process. I’ll cover on what makes shoppers hate about a checkout process and I’ll also provide the remedy for it in WooCommerce.

According to an article published in BigCommerce which highlights on checkout page optimization, the following are the list of things shoppers hate about a checkout page:

  • 61 percent of shoppers leave the checkout process because of extra costs such as shipping, taxes and extra fees.
  • 35 percent of shoppers ” didn’t want to create an account.
  • 27 percent of shoppers ” the checkout process was too long or complicated.
  • 24 percent of shoppers ” couldn’t see or calculate total order cost up-front.
  • 22 percent of shoppers ” the online store had errors or crashed.
  • 18 percent of shoppers ” didn’t trust the online store with their credit card information.
  • 16 percent of shoppers ” the delivery time was much too slow.
  • 10 percent of shoppers ” didn’t believe the returns policy to be fair or satisfactory.
  • 8 percent of shoppers ” didn’t see their preferred method of payment.
  • 5 percent of shoppers ” their credit card was declined.

Based on the above, it sure seems like shoppers are choking the checkout process, but, that’s how it is. In other words, shoppers are king when the product which you are selling is common.

The only way forward is to address the issues which they hate by doing something about it.

The following are what I think you should do.

Shoppers leave because of extra costs

Extra costs and hidden charges are not only something that shoppers hate, I’m pretty sure you as the store owner also hate being charged extra when shopping elsewhere. It’s human nature for hating it.

The only way to deal with it is by playing around with the back end costs so that you can minimize the extra costs. For example, you can increase the shipping for shoppers who only buy a single product but reduce the shipping cost for shoppers who buy a lot of products. Or you can remove all extra costs and increase the price of the product by a teensy so that more shoppers buy the product and you can use the profit made to cover up the extra costs. Or you can wave the extra costs for shoppers who buy more than a certain amount of products.

There are many ways to go with this and the following are the plugins to get the job done.

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

This plugin allows you to take full control of the free shipping feature in WooCommerce. It overwrites the default free shipping feature in WooCommerce by allowing you to set many other conditions to it. For example, you can set free shipping to shoppers who have a certain number of products quantity in the cart or you can set free shipping to shoppers who have a certain subtotal. And many more other conditions.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Similar to the free shipping plugin above, you can set many types of discounts with this plugin. You can set a percentage based discount, store-wide discount, quantity based percentage discount such as; Buy 3 and get 10 percent discount and many more other discounts.

If you would like to go even deeper with shipping and discounting in WooCommerce, check out the respective plugins; Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce and WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts.

Shoppers didn’t want to create an account

The only way for this is by giving two options for shoppers to checkout. Offer them to checkout as a guest or offer them to checkout as a registered shopper.

Thankfully, WooCommerce has made this easy. This is because you don’t need a plugin for it as you can easily enable both ways of checkout in the Accounts & Privacy section in WooCommerce Settings.

Shoppers didn’t want to go through the lengthy and complicated checkout process

If you are keeping up with the tech world, you should know by now that tech companies are bending over backwards to make things easier for consumers. Heck, even other fields that doesn’t involve technology are struggling to make things easier for consumers.

This is because consumers want things to be simple and they really don’t care what it takes.

Even something as simple as filling up the checkout form has to be simplified. But, they don’t care whatever it takes right?

And the following are the plugins that you need to simplify the form:

Checkout Field Editor

Checkout Field Editor is a plugin that allows you to easily remove unwanted fields from the checkout form in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard

This plugin allows you to breakdown the checkout form into five different steps so that shoppers don’t find it complicated.

Shoppers couldn’t see or calculate total order cost up-front

This is something you should not worry about in WooCommerce as the order details are displayed as detail as possible.

The online store had errors or crashed

The only way for a WooCommerce store to have an error or crash are because of the following reasons:

  • A plugin you installed is badly coded.
  • The plugins are not up to date.
  • The WooCommerce theme you use is badly coded.
  • The WooCommerce theme is not up to date.
  • You may have edited some PHP file wrongly.
  • Your web hosting provider has server problems.

If the above is sorted out, then, your WooCommerce store won’t be facing any errors or even crash during crucial moments.

Shoppers didn’t trust the online store with their credit card information

Trust is not something easily gained in the real world and it’s the same in the web world. In fact, it’s a little more difficult to gain trust in the web world due to the many scams that are going on.

Which is why you have no other choice but to go to the extra mile to gain shoppers trust.

Here are some things you should do:

  • Enable SSL. This is because SSL adds the padlock sign to your WooCommerce store’s URL in the web browser. And shoppers use it as an indicator that their session is secured.
  • Display helpful links such as T&C and privacy policy links. This is to help shoppers understand how your store works.
  • Display trust seals such as Better Business Bureau, Norton Secured and Google Trusted Store. According to the article published in BigCommerce, displaying such trust seals helps your store score higher perceived trust.

The delivery time was much too slow

Shoppers not only want things to be simplified, but they also want things fast, flexible and convenient.

Some shoppers want things to be delivered fast and don’t mind paying extra. Some shoppers don’t mind things to be delivered late, as long as it’s delivered. Some shoppers want things to be delivered not too late. Some shoppers want the cheapest delivery option.

The best way to go with this is by offering shoppers a variety of delivery options to choose at the checkout page. Or, you can use the following plugin.

Order Delivery

This plugin adds a delivery date and time picker to the checkout page which allows shoppers to choose their preferred delivery date and time in a smooth and understandable way.

Not only this plugin benefits shoppers, it also benefits you as the store owner because it allows you to specify the delivery dates which are not available for delivery due to holidays and so on.

Shoppers didn’t believe the returns policy to be fair or satisfactory

For this, read this.

Shoppers didn’t see their preferred method of payment

Having an online store is like opening a real store. But, unlike real stores, the online store gets you shoppers from around the globe. Which is why you need to understand your shoppers like the way you understand yourself. Every shopper that visits your online store are from a different location, have a different set of behavior, have a different way of making a payment, and etc.

Understanding your shoppers wants and needs and giving them the wants and needs not only makes you feel better about running a store, but it also makes shoppers feel more comfortable shopping in your store.

One way of doing it is by providing an array of payment method. On top of that, you should also clearly display the payment methods offered on the checkout page in the form of icons so that shoppers immediately acknowledge it.

Their credit card was declined

There’s nothing you can do about this.