How To Lazy Load Images In WordPress

Adding lazy load to your website is one of the sure-fire ways to improve the performance of your website.

Here’s what lazy load does to your website:

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As you can see from the GIF above, it delays the loading time of the images but at the same time ensures your website to be fully loaded. Also, the images will only be loaded when it’s needed.

This is because, images are the main factor to cause your website to slow down. So by lazy loading the images, the website can continue to load as if the images weren’t there in the first place. As a result, a fast loading website is what you get.

If you want your website to absorb this feature, I suggest using this plugin called Lazy Load by WP Rocket. It’s a free plugin and it’s quite easy to set it up.

Here’s how to make the plugin work

To begin, install and activate the plugin to your WordPress website.

Once activated, head over to the settings page of the plugin, Settings > LazyLoad.

Next, select the Images option.

And save the changes.

That’s it! All the images in your website are set to lazy load.

This plugin also allows you to lazy load iframe and video contents in your website to further improve your website speed. iframe contents such as Facebook like box and Facebook comment box. Video contents such as YouTube videos.

To enable this, simply select the iframes & Videos option.

And if your website contains a lot of YouTube videos, you can enable the Replace YouTube videos by thumbnail feature as well. It replaces the YouTube iframe with preview thumbnail which does help reduce HTTP requests, hence, speeding up your website.