How To Localise Google Search Engine Traffic For Your Website

Google search engine is a gold mine when it comes to the hunt for search traffic. This is because they receive more than 3.5 billion searches per day.

So it’s best if you take advantage of the search giant for your website.

One of the ways of taking advantage is by localising the search traffic that is sent by Google. For example, let’s say your website is based in India and most of the contents that are in it is also related to India, then it’s best if you get Google to localise the search traffic that is sent to your website. By doing so, your website will be ranked better in Google India which also means that you will receive more search traffic from India.

How to localise Google search engine traffic

To do so, you will first need to integrate your website with Google Webmaster Tools or also known as Search Console. If you need help in integrating your WordPress website with Search Console, then see our tutorial here – How to integrate Search Console with WordPress website

On the other hand, if you already have integrated it, you will first need to access your Search Console account.

And once you have already access it, click on the Search Traffic dropdown menu located on the left hand corner of the screen. See the screenshot below for your reference:

Then, click on International Targeting.

After that, click on the Country tab.

Check the box that says Target users in and followed by selecting the country that you want Google Search to target for your website.

And click Save once you are done.

That’s it! Google Search will start targeting your site for local search results. And you will slowly start seeing more search traffic from the country you set over the next couple of months.