How To Organise The Checkout Process Of Your WooCommerce Store

By default, the checkout process of WooCommerce is already perfected. However, for some users it might not be a pleasant experience as there are too many things going on in one page for example, filling up billing address, filling up shipping address, coupon code and as well as the order and payment details.

Well, there is a way where you are able to further organise the checkout page of your WooCommerce store and that way comes in the form of this premium plugin called ARG Multistep Checkout which is created by argthemes.

This plugin basically allows you to divide the checking out process of your WooCommerce store into 4 different parts

Here’s a GIF image that explains what I mean above:

As you can see from the GIF image above, the checkout process is divided into 4 parts; login, billing & shipping and order & payment. And you are able to select the design that you prefer.

On top of that, you are able to change the order of the steps and create more steps just in case if you need it.


This plugin doesn’t only organises your checkout page, it also improves the user experience for your customers and hence keeping your customers happy as they shop in your store.