How To Play Nature Sounds With Your Google Home

Nature sound is certainly relaxing.

And you are in luck if you own a Google Home. This is because, recently Google announce that their smart speakers and as well as other devices that is powered by the intelligent Google Assistant will be able to support playing relaxing sounds like nature, running water and even the sound of a fireplace.

If you want your Google Home to play the nature sound for you, all you need to do is say:

‘OK Google, play nature sound’.

On the other hand, if you want your Google Home to play relaxing sounds other than the nature sound, here are the list of relaxing sounds that it is able to support at the moment

White noise – ‘OK Google, play white noise’.

Water sound – ‘OK Google, play water sound’.

Running water sound – ‘OK Google, play running water sound’.

Outdoor sound – ‘OK Google, play outdoor sound’.

Babbling brook – ‘OK Google, play babbling brook sound’.

Oscillating fan sound – ‘OK Google, play oscillating fan sound’.

Fireplace sound – ‘OK Google, play fireplace sound’.

Forest sound – ‘OK Google, play forest sound’.

Country sound – ‘OK Google, play country sound’.

Ocean sound – ‘OK Google, play ocean sound’.

Rain sound – ‘OK Google, play rain sound’.

River sound – ‘OK Google, play river sound’.

Thunderstorm sound – ‘OK Google, play thunderstorm sound’.

Or you can just say – ‘OK Google, play relaxation sounds’.