How To Properly Associate Icons To Your WordPress Menus And Submenus

Adding icons to your WordPress individual menu and submenu is one of the ways to make the site look more appealing for visitors.

If you think so too and would like to add icons to your WordPress menu and as well as submenu, here’s how you easily do it.

Install and activate Menu Icons by ThemeIsle plugin to your WordPress website

If you are having facing any problems installing a WordPress plugin, see our guide here – 2 Ways on how to install a WordPress plugin

Once you got the plugin activated, hover your cursor on Appearance and followed by clicking on Menus

Then, select the menu that you want to add an icon to by clicking on the dropdown arrow. See the screenshot below for your reference:

Once the dropdown appears, you will see a newly added section that says Icon: Select. Here, click on the link that says Select.

By performing the step above, an overlay will appear displaying more than 200 types of icons that you can choose from to add to the menu navigation. Here, select the icon that is most suitable for your menu and followed by adjusting the font size, alignment and position. See the screenshot below for your reference:

Note: If you want to upload your own icon instead, see our tutorial here – How to add an image to WordPress menu

Once you are done, click Select.

Then, click on Save Menu.

Head over to the front end of your WordPress website to see your pimped up menu.